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Genre Nexus Sites Beefing Up Staffs

Want a chance to be a part of something big?

The Genre Nexus websites — which include Airlock Alpha, Rabid Doll and the newly launched Star Trek news website 1701News — is looking to beef up its staff with writers and a programmer.

Have you ever read stories on the sites here and felt that you could do that as well? Or have you been looking for an outlet to share your passion for writing?

Do you have skills that could help with the back end of our Drupal-based websites?

Then we are looking for you! While most of what we are looking for are volunteer (our new programmer would have an option for profit-share), the rewards are amazing. Thousands of people will get a chance to read your words, and it could be a great stepping stone for even bigger things in the future.

Writers can come from everywhere, and really only need to commit an hour or two a week, if that. While most of the work is sharing information from various outlets, there are plenty of opportunities for original work, including conference calls with those involved in television shows and movies, exclusive interviews, and more.

Our biggest need are for writers with knowledge in horror (for Rabid Doll) and Star Trek (1701News). We also need a programmer to help us with the overall network, although most of the work is maintenance-related.

If you are interested in any of these opportunities, send an email introducing yourself and why you would like to be a part of the Genre Nexus staff. You can include writing samples if you like, but that’s not necessary.

Deadline to apply is June 20.

Airlock Alpha was founded on Aug. 13, 1998, and was known through much of its existence as SyFy Portal. It was rebranded to Airlock Alpha in 2009 after the SyFy brand was sold to NBC Universal. The site is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

Rabid Doll was founded in 2007, and is run by longtime journalist Bryant Griffin, who has been with Genre Nexus since 2002.

1701News launched this past April, and is a partnership with Roddenberry Entertainment.

Michael Hinman, who founded the original site and created the “SyFy” brand, is the editor-in-chief of the entire network.

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