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Braga: Continuity Is Respected

PLUS: Will there ever be a gay character in ‘Enterprise?’

It was a packed house at the recent Creation Entertainment Las Vegas convention with a reported 6,000 tickets sold, and it was a convention ripe with information.

“Enterprise” co-creator and executive producer Brannon Braga fielded fan questions about the UPN series, including one tidbit about Crewman Daniels (Matt Winston), the 31st century time-traveler who pulled Capt. Archer (Scott Bakula) into a destroyed 31st century San Francisco in the first season finale, “Shockwave.”

“Daniels isn’t completely human,” Braga said. “He’s not really what he seems.”

Braga also addressed continuing fan cries for a gay character in the series, joking that Star Trek has already had one: Commander Riker.

“It’s a good question,” he said. “To introduce a character and to call attention to it? There has to be a reason (for that character) to be (in the series) without seeming obvious or to be catering to people.”

Braga said that “Enterprise” would not contradict facts any more than possible, especially since “we made an all-around decision to stay true to continuity.” He said that the main challenges in producing “Enterprise” were “having a good concept and good characters, as well as coming up with sci-fi ideas” on a weekly basis.

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