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‘Defiance’ Sets Up First Crossover Between TV, Game

Alien convict appears on both platforms to add to the fun

Outside of the fact they take place with the same aliens, same planet and pretty much the same country, there has been a lot separating “Defiance” the online game from Trion Worlds and “Defiance” the television series from Syfy. And it only starts with one taking place in what used to be San Francisco, and the other in what used to be St. Louis.

But this week, Syfy starts its first major crossover between the game and the series as a convict by the name of Rynn shows up in both — wreaking havoc for viewers and players alike.

In Monday’s episode of “Defiance,” Nolan and Amanda — played by Grant Bowler and Julie Benz — escort Rynn, a dangerous Irathient, to a Las Vegas prison. At the same time, Rynn will enter the game, letting loose Hellbugs on anyone she comes across, opening what is being described as “Hellbug Season.”

Players in the game will have to group together to not only defeat the Hellbugs, but also to stop Rynn.

Rynn, played by Tiio Horn, first popped up in the pilot of “Defiance” as a member of the Spirit Riders. She then showed up again in “The Devil in the Dark,” where she instigated Hellbug attacks on various people she blamed for the murder of her family.

While the show and the game are expected to feed various storylines and universe events with each other, this is the first direct crossover between the two.

This isn’t Horn’s first foray into games. She also voiced the character of Kaniehti:io in the 2012 video game “Assassin’s Creed III.” She also appeared in a 2011 episode of Syfy’s “Being Human” as well as the now-cancelled series “Alphas,” playing Trisha in the 2012 episode “Alphaville.”

“Defiance,” which has already been renewed for a second season by Syfy, airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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