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No Renewal For ‘Warehouse 13’? Fans Will Riot

EXCLUSIVE: Timeslot, online premiere episode release, might be problematic

Syfy has found success in the past by posting premiere episodes of its series ahead of time online. Yet (and quite understandably), there are many — including those who work on “Warehouse 13” — who are still trying to figure that out.

Monday’s premiere episode is not something anyone with an Internet connection has to wait for. In fact, if anyone is still hanging around Syfy after the latest episode of “Defiance,” that would be great, especially to showrunner Jack Kenny and star Eddie McClintock.

“We’re trying to drum up every eyeball we can get,” Kenny recently told Airlock Alpha. “The did release our premiere episode online, which is a little disconcerting to me. But [Syfy told me] that research shows the numbers will go up when they do that. And I’m like, ‘Yeah, but you didn’t release the ‘Defiance’ pilot online.'”

Monday is the start of the back-10 episodes of “Warehouse 13’s” fourth season, and it includes guest starring roles from people like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” alum James Marsters and “Caprica” star Polly Walker — two actors who last appeared onscreen together in the “Battlestar Galactica” spinoff.

Now, however, Kenny is waiting for the official greenlight for Season 5, something that hasn’t quite come yet, even though story breaking work for the next season has already begun. And if the worst case scenario happens and Syfy doesn’t renew its most popular scripted series?

“There is going to be a riot among sci-fi fans,” Kenny said. Especially since the upcoming season finale in June is the mother of season finales.

“We could not leave more threads untied at the end of this season finale,” Kenny said. “It’s more than we’ve ever have done before. Literally every character is hung out to dry one way or another.”

And unlike the demise of its Vancouver-based sister show, “Eureka,” there may be no way to ever tie up those loose ends if there is a cancellation. Primarily because “Warehouse 13” has wrapped the season, and the cost to get everyone back together even for a one-off movie would be cost-prohibitive.

“We have to wrap it up,” Kenny said. “It would be awful for everyone otherwise.”

For Kenny, despite his impatience, believes that it’s more a matter of when than if there will be a renewal. He would prefer to have strong numbers right out the gate so that they can really plow into Season 5 at full steampunk. But it’s not only the fact that Syfy has already release the first episode that has the “Warehouse 13” people worried, but the timeslot change as well.

“I worry the fact that our 9 o’clock show in what I felt all along was an 8 o’clock show is now a 10 o’clock show,” Eddie McClintock, who plays Pete Lattimer in the series, told Airlock Alpha. Many families sit down and watch “Warehouse 13,” and while the show remains a family show, the timeslot might be prohibitive for those who have to go to school (and work) the next day.

And while The Nielsen Co. might be counting timeshifted viewers from those who use DVRs and iTunes, they don’t carry the same weight as live viewing.

“And then we’ll get slapped,” McClintock said.

Erik Storey, the senior vice president of original programming at Syfy, told there was nothing to worry about. The new time slot, he said, will “expose ‘Warehouse 13’ to potential new audiences.” It will also put it head-to-head with network programming, with the likes of “Castle” on ABC, “Hawaii Five-0” on CBS and “Revolution” on NBC.

Kenny, however, says he doesn’t lose sleep over things that he has no control over.

“The only thing I think about with ‘Warehouse 13’ is the stories,” he said. “I can’t do anything with the numbers, and can’t do anything with who they pair it up with. I’m old now and one of the lessons I’ve learned is that I can only focus on the things that I can do something about.”

Those stories return April 29, and will air Mondays at 10 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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