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Airlock Alpha Owner Teams Up With Roddenberry On New Site

PLUS: Roddenberry also teams up with Wikia for Trek Initiative

Roddenberry Entertainment, the company originally founded by “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry and now owned by his son Eugene Roddenberry, has partnered up with two different online outlets to bring Star Trek and the Roddenberry Philosophy to a new level.

In its first deal, Roddenberry joined with Nexus Media Group Inc. — owner of Airlock Alpha — to create a new Star Trek news site called 1701News. Co-founded by Airlock Alpha editor-in-chief Michael Hinman, 1701News is now the Internet’s definitive source on Star Trek news, inspired by the registry number of the USS Enterprise, NCC-1701.

“Roddenberry Entertainment has long been committed to the fan experience,” said Trevor Roth, chief operating officer of Roddenberry, in a release. “With 1701News, we want to create a dedicated site that can have its own identity and purpose, providing the ultimate insider news and information resource for Star Trek fans.”

The idea of who to partner with that was simple, and they only had to look as far as who they’ve worked with a lot in the past.

“We’ve known Michael Hinman for a long time,” Roth said. “He’s been a respected fixture in the sci-fi community with SyFy Portal, Airlock Alpha and other news sites — and we know that 1701News will succeed with Nexus Media Group as our partner.”

The new site does mean changes for Airlock Alpha, but not just the fact that all Star Trek coverage will move to 1701News exclusively. It also opens the door for an expansion of coverage at Airlock Alpha itself, including a broader reach not just to select science-fiction programs and movies, but also to programming that sci-fi fans tend to enjoy in greater numbers that may not necessarily be pure sci-fi, including shows like CBS’ hit series “Big Bang Theory.”

1701News will have breaking news, regular columns from fan favorites, videos, pictures, one-of-a-kind interviews, and even a reader-interactive news section that will bring Star Trek conventions to life for the entire world. In addition, Roddenberry Entertainment will collaborate with Nexus Media Group to provide access to proprietary archives interviews and other Star Trek scintilla.

“For far too long there’s been an unfilled need when it comes to Star Trek news, and the fans deserve better,” said Hinman, who is also president of Nexus Media Group. “I’ve had an integrity-based Star Trek news site in mind for quite some time, but we never wanted to launch something without the right partner. Star Trek exists because of Gene Roddenberry — the Great Bird of the Galaxy — and it’s the greatest honor for all of us at Nexus Media to be a part of the Roddenberry/Star Trek legacy.

“We will make Star Trek fans proud.”

Also launching on April 25 was a new project Roddenberry has put together with called the Trek Initiative. This new area is designed to be the complete collection of everything Star Trek, and will allow fans to gather, collaborate and communicate around everything Trek, as well as secure exclusive content and share local community happenings with one another.

“Star Trek fans are among the most passionate fans out there, and we are thrilled to invite them into the premier fan portal to engage deeply around a true pop culture treasure,” said Craig Palmer, chief executive officer of Wikia. “We are excited to work with Roddenberry Entertainment to create rich experiences for these united communities by also giving them access to exclusive memorabilia that they have never before seen.”

Trek Initiative will feature many Roddenberry assets, including a stirring commencement speech Gene Roddenberry gave in 1976 when the “Star Trek” series was reaching new heights of popularity. Also, the portal will feature never-before-seen images from the set, from Gene’s personal life, and more.

“The Trek Initiative reflects the very essence of our work to nurture and maintain the passion and integrity of the Star Trek legacy, and the work of my father,” Eugene Roddenberry said, in a release. “Our fans mean everything to us, and we are thrilled to be able to work with Wikia to harness the power of Star Trek and create the perfect place to help the Trek community thrive.”

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