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‘Doctor Who’ Never Approached John Barrowman For Anniversary

Says producers want to try something different

You might see all the Doctors in the upcoming “Doctor Who” 50th anniversary special, but don’t be looking for Capt. Jack Harkness.

Yes, actor John Barrowman has been busy with projects like “Arrow” on The CW, but he was ready and willing to make some schedule adjustments for “Doctor Who.” He just never got the call.

“Everyone on Twitter tries to make it like it’s my decision, but the bottom line is, I was not asked,” Barrowman recently told TV Line. BBC didn’t want to put Jack in it, “and I know fans are really upset about it, as was I.”

Some fans upset about Barrowman’s absence have been blaming the tough schedule the actor has right now. Not only is he doing “Arrow,” but he just signed up to do an episode of the ABC series “Scandal” among other projects. But that’s just not the case.

“I was told by the producers of ‘Arrow’ that if I was asked to do the 50th anniversary of ‘Doctor Who,’ they’d let me go and do it,” Barrowman said. “It was nothing to do with my schedule. It’s just a matter of fact that I wasn’t asked.”

Although the episode is designed to look into the past, Barrowman said that from what he’s heard, it’s meant to look into the future, too. The special is not just for the “uber fan,” but also for the wider audience.

“And if they’re going to bring a character back, it wouldn’t be just for the uber fan, it would be for everybody. So perhaps that’s the thinking they had. I don’t know.”

But still, it would’ve been nice to see Capt. Jack, who we haven’t had a chance to enjoy since the most recent version of “Torchwood” that aired on Starz in 2011.

The “Doctor Who” anniversary special airs in November. Current episodes of “Doctor Who” air Saturdays on BBC, BBC America and Space.

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