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Big Reveal Coming For ‘Doctor Who’ Finale?

BBC releases name of final episode … and it’s a doozy

For just about 50 years, fans have been asking (or just saying) “Doctor Who?”

It looks like showrunner Steven Moffat is finally ready to answer that question in the upcoming season finale of “Doctor Who” after BBC revealed the name of that episode: “The Name of The Doctor.”

The episode will feature the return of Alex Kingston’s character of River Song, and could be very well based on a story arc that really took steam in Matt Smith’s second season of “Doctor Who” when it was revealed that several other-worldly races were afraid of what the knowledge of The Doctor’s real name would do to the universe.

“The Name of The Doctor” is set to air May 18 on both BBC and BBC America, and around the same time on Canada’s Space. In a promotional poster for the episode, Smith’s Doctor can be seen looking through a broken multi-paned window, and the phrase “his secret revealed” included with it.

This will be the last episode leading up to the 50th anniversary episode in November, which is likely followed once again by a Christmas special the following month. However, BBC has not announced when we can expect to see Season 8 begin. It is believed that season won’t start until Spring 2014.

Unless she shows up unexpectedly in any other episode leading up to the finale, this will be the first time we’ve seen Kingston play River Song since “The Angels Take Manhattan” in 2012, when she was there to say good-bye to her parents, Amy and Rory (Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill). Kingston first appeared in the Moffat-penned episode “Silence in the Library” in 2008, already teasing a rich future between her and The Doctor. It was later revealed that she was indeed the wife of The Doctor, and that she was the enhanced child of Amy and Rory.

Since “Doctor Who,” Kingston has been turning up on the new The CW series “Arrow” as Dinah Lance, better known in the comic book world as the Black Canary.

This falls in line with what Moffat was previewing recently with Radio Times.

“There’s going to be a big revelation,” he said. “I’m not teasing you, you’re about to learn something about The Doctor you never learned before. And I think you’re in for a shock.”

“Doctor Who” airs Saturdays on BBC, BBC America and Space.

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