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Anthony Stewart Head Joins ‘Warehouse 13’ As Big Bad

PLUS: Showrunner Jack Kenny shares exclusive details about other big guests

Whether you knew him as the kind, gently mentor to a young demon fighter in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” or a magic-phobic king in “Merlin,” you can’t help but recognize Anthony Stewart Head.

And soon you’ll be able to know him as part of “Warehouse 13.”

The popular Syfy show, never shy to cast popular genre actors, will welcome Head into the second half of Season 4, according to The Hollywood Reporter. But don’t expect to see Head right away.

In fact, “Warehouse 13” showrunner Jack Kenny tells Airlock Alpha exclusively that we won’t even get our first major glimpse of the popular actor until we are almost at the end of the season. We won’t even see him until Episode 8 when Polly Walker of “Caprica” fame also returns following her appearance in the mid-season premiere.

“The rest of the season is Tony Headapalooza,” Kenny told Airlock Alpha. “He’s our Paracelsus, who was a rogue alchemist in the 1500s, and he’s our Big Bad for the last three episodes.”

Before that, fans will get a chance to see Joel Grey and Steve Valentine in the fourth episode back. Grey is, of course, the original Master of Ceremonies for the Broadway smash “Cabaret,” the father of actress Jennifer Grey, and who has appeared in other genre shows like “Star Trek: Voyager,” “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Alias.”

Valentine is a popular actor and magician who has appeared in “Crossing Jordan,” “Charmed,” and hosted the one-time Syfy series “Estate of Panic.”

After that is Missi Pyle and Enrico Colantoni who appeared together as aliens in 1999’s “Galaxy Quest.” After that, it’s a return of a popular recurring character H.G. Wells as Jaime Murray, now star of Syfy’s brand new groundbreaking drama “Defiance,” works with “Warehouse 13” star Joanne Kelly.

“Myka and Helena are at it again,” Kenny said. “It’s girls gone sci-fi.”

Charlie Weber, who shared a body with Glory in “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” before having his character killed off in Season 5, joins “Warehouse 13” in the sixth episode as someone from Jinks’ past. What will that interaction with Aaron Ashmore’s character be like? Can we say it here? Sure. It’s his ex-boyfriend.

Finally, in the episodes leading up to the finale, Cynthia Watros — best known as Libby in “Lost” and who also appeared in one of Kenny’s early shows, “Titus” — will make a big appearance.

And then it’s the end … of the season, at least.

“We culminate in a huge, cliffhanging finale where Claudia is rising to her destiny a little bit at the Warehouse, and we start to see a big life-changing event that happens to Myka,” Kenny teased. “She and Pete are very much involved in the last two or three episodes, which I don’t want to give away. But that plays really heavily into how the season finale plays out.”

“Warehouse 13” returns to Syfy on April 29, at its new timeslot of 10 p.m. That premiere episode is already available online which includes guest appearances from James Marsters of “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” fame and Walker.

Keep reading Airlock Alpha all next week as we share more of our lengthy conversation with Jack Kenny and “Warehouse 13” star Eddie McClintock as we get ready for the second half of Season 4.

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