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Science Channel On The ‘Fringe’ Again

Two-day Season 3 marathon coming this weekend

The critically-acclaimed, fan favorite series “Fringe” returns this weekend to the Science Channel with a two-day marathon.

The first 11 episodes of Season 3 start April 13 at 9 a.m, and will finally conclude at 8 that evening. Then, after a break to catch your breath, the remaining 11 episodes will air the next day, April 14, once again from 9 to 8.

Season 3 was a strong one for “Fringe” as the investigative team escapes the parallel universe, but Olivia (Anna Torv) has been replaced by her double, leaving our Olivia trapped on the other side. The alternate Olivia soon turns a tentative relationship with Peter (Joshua Jackson) into a love affair, and when our Olivia returns, the bonds of trust begin to fray.

Of course, ever more bizarre phenomena occur, and secrets that stretch back to 1985 threaten to destroy one of the universes.

Once again, included throughout the marathon will be the Science Channels short-form series “Science of Fringe.” Experts such as theoretical physicist Michio Kaku will examine fitting genre phenomena such as time travel and parallel universes.

“Fringe” takes us to worlds somewhere between scientific concept and reality, where hybrid beings tear through sewers, thieves walk through walls and portals open to parallel universes. The series was originally a staple to Fox’s 2008 lineup before getting bumped to Fridays. However, it maintained a very loyal following, prompting the network to keep renewing the show despite challenging ratings, and allowing the show to eventually end on its own terms earlier this year.

The series also starred Lance Reddick, John Noble and Jasika Nicole.

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