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‘Warehouse 13’ Star Joanne Kelly Loves ‘Nerd Christmas’

But it’s not just San Diego Comic-Con this fan-favorite looks forward to

They say that once you get two San Diego Comic-Cons in your blood, you become a pro. Now getting ready for her fifth one in just a few months, “Warehouse 13” star Joanne Kelly must be nothing short of an expert.

In fact, Syfy’s own Myka Bering has her own name for Comic-Con — “Nerd Christmas.”

“I’m an old hat at Comic-Con now,” Kelly recently told Playboy magazine as part of its “Femme on Fire: Women to Watch For” series. “I was so blown away the first time I was there. I was completely freaked out. It’s a strange, amazing Wonderland.”

However, she was able to get some warning about what to expect thanks to her brother, who she described as a “huge comic book nerd.”

“He’s actually my date to Comic-Con every year,” she said. “He’s now 35 and he just lights up like he’s three again. It’s so fun.”

Kelly is teamed up with a solid cast that brings “Warehouse 13” to life every season on Syfy, including co-star Eddie McClintock, along with Saul Rubinek, Allison Scagliotti, Aaron Ashmore and CCH Pounder. And as all of them get ready to pick up their most recent season already in progress later this month, there’s been more excitement than ever.

“We started out and nobody knew us,” Kelly said. “All of a sudden, we’re Syfy’s No. 1 show for almost four years in a row, which is an incredible place to be.”

Of course, they are tops on a cable channel, which doesn’t necessarily mean the kind of audiences “NCIS” pulls in for CBS on the networks. However, there’s something special being the king of this cable ant hill.

“The great thing about Syfy is the fans,” she said. “They’re so dedicated and loyal and lovely. It’s kind of nice to have a niche and not be on a huge show. I can go out and do my deal; I don’t have to worry about being recognized. It does happen, but very rarely. You get to have a job and be a real person.”

Although McClintock’s Pete Lattimer will likely never grow up, Kelly’s Myka has been on a much different journey — one of complete evolution for her Secret Service character.

“We slowly get to see this uptight control freak unwind,” Kelly said. “And that’s what we’ve got to see over the last four years as she gets looser and looser and has more fun. She really opens up to Pete.”

And that’s thanks not only to the work she and her castmates put in, but the writers and rest of the crew as well, led by showrunner Jack Kenny.

“I think that’s what happens when you develop a really great relationship in your life,” Kelly said. “You tend to be more open and have more fun because you feel supported.”

For the complete Playboy interview, Click here.

“Warehouse 13” returns to Syfy April 29 at 10 p.m. ET.

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