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Will ‘Veronica Mars’ Campaign Inspire ‘Pushing Daisies’?

Bryan Fuller is open to the idea of making a project of his own

“Veronica Mars” creator Rob Thomas already has a successful Kickstarter campaign underway to fund a big screen return to Neptune, Calif. And that may open the door for other cult favorite television works like, say, “Pushing Daisies.”

Thomas’ efforts have caught the eye not only of “Veronica Mars” fans and the media, but also of Bryan Fuller, the man who brought “Pushing Daisies” to life on ABC for two seasons before ending in 2009. But can “Pushing Daisies” fans put together the kind of money — $2 million — that Thomas has done already for “Veronica Mars”?

It’s not that Fuller hasn’t thought of a movie before. He’s already written the first act of a screenplay featuring his characters of Ned, Chuck, and even Emerson. The problem? It’s likely going to take more than $2 million to get “Pushing Daisies” to the big screen, and there might not be enough cash in fans’ pockets to make it happen.

“We have to build the Pie Hole, the visual effects, have zombie makeup, and there’s a lot of production elements involved,” Fuller said, referring not only to the production side, but the pie shop setting of the former ABC series. In fact, the original one-hour pilot (or should we say “Pie-lette”) of “Pushing Daisies” cost $6 million to make. And that was six years ago.

So making a movie would cost at least $10 million. And that’s just to start.

Fuller recently told The Hollywood Reporter he definitely wants to have a conversation with Disney, who still has the rights to the concept, and has even e-mailed pilot director Barry Sonnenfeld asking if he would take on a movie. But Sonnenfeld had the same thought as Fuller, saying “let’s go to the studio first.”

But it’s more than just funding. The acting crew has moved on to other projects, and many are quite busy. Lee Pace, who played Ned, recently joined AMC’s “Halt & Catch Fire.” Anna Friel, who played Chuck, has been working on a few projects including the upcoming “Vatican City” from director Ridley Scott. Chi McBride, who played Emerson Cod, is now starring in the new CBS police drama “Golden Boy.”

In the end Fuller remains positive, wanting to see if a “Pushing Daisies” movie is indeed possible. “I would love to return to that world,” he said. “It’s a very happy place for me.”

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