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All Signs Point Toward ‘Torchwood’ End

Not even John Barrowman is holding out hope anymore

The end is here for “Torchwood.” Despite all the best efforts to keep this popular show going — even bringing it to the United States — it seems the one last remaining spinoff of “Doctor Who” is gone.

John Barrowman, who played Capt. Jack Harkness in both “Doctor Who” and all the episodes of “Torchwood,” said that while he would like to see the show continue, he holds no optimism that it actually will.

“It’s in limbo in a sense,” Barrowman recently told a British radio show. “Something could be done in five years, something could be done in 10 years. But if I’d have sat around and waited for the last two years, I would have been bankrupt and unemployed, so I’ve moved on.”

Barrowman has most recently taken a recurring role in the new hit series “Arrow” on The CW as Malcolm Merlyn. He also had a smaller role in the critically acclaimed film “Zero Dark Thirty” last year, and is set to appear in the comedy “All-Stars” as well as the television movie “Gilded Lilys” from popular premium cable channel director Brian Kirk.

While Barrowman is not hanging up Capt. Jack’s overcoat forever, this is a strong statement from a man who is considered by many to be “Torchwood’s” biggest advocate. But even Barrowman may have finally realized that there is not much to look forward to.

In 2011, BBC Worldwide joined forces with the American cable channel Starz to do “Torchwood: Miracle Day.” While critics gave it mixed reviews, fans did tune in, and Starz even indicated that they may be inclined to order more. However, the show’s executive producer, Russell T. Davies, had to suddenly leave the United States after his partner was diagnosed with a serious illness that required their presence back in the United Kingdom.

Understandably, Davies is staying in Britain for now, and has since been working on projects like “Wizards vs. Aliens” and “Old Jack’s Boat.”

If “Torchwood” does return, at least one of its former head writers believes it should return to England. Chris Chibnall told Starburst in February that once “Miracle Day” moved forward, the show lost some of its Welsh spark.

“Whether you like or dislike ‘Torchwood,’ it has an essence of madness and cheekiness and sexiness and fun and darkness,” Chibnall said. “Somehow, it lost a bit of that somewhere in the process. It might go back to the fact that one of the great essences of ‘Torchwood’ was taking the American tropes and doing them in Wales — it became like other shows.”

Right now, there are no plans for “Torchwood” to return, but it seems everyone is at least keeping some part of their schedule open in case Davies decides to jump on that ship again.

In the meantime, “Doctor Who” returns at the end of the month on BBC and BBC America.

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