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‘Once Upon A Time’ Still Top Genre Show

‘Revolution,’ however, is giving it a run for its money

The CW has two shows sitting at the bottom of the genre ratings through the end of the year — but there is far more to them than just where they ended up.

Both “Supernatural” and “Beauty and the Beast” are checking in with an average of a 1.3 rating/2 share, according to Fast National overnight ratings from The Nielsen Co. But both shows are going in completely opposite directions.

“Beauty and the Beast,” which stars Kristin Kreuk and Jay Ryan, is network television’s least-stable show with a GenreNexus Audience Loyalty Index rating of 63.9. That means that of all the people who have tuned in to see at least one episode of the show, only 64 percent have returned to continue watching it each week. The only other genre show even close to those numbers is ABC’s now-cancelled “666 Park Avenue,” which has an ALI rating of 68.6.

“Supernatural,” on the other hand, has a much different distinction. So far, through the first half of the season, the long-running The CW show is network television’s biggest audience gainer. The 1.3/2 it has earned is a 30 percent bump over its average from last year. And no other returning network show is even close — ABC”s “Shark Tank” is the second-largest audience gainer, improving its numbers by just under 16 percent from the previous year.

What does that say about both shows? Well, not too much at this point, except that when the 2013-14 season rolls around, it’s more likely fans will see “Supernatural” on it than they will “Beauty and the Beast,” although the latter is not exactly under a cancellation threat just yet.

Overall, “Once Upon a Time” is maintaining its crown as the top network genre program, earning a 5.5/8, staying ahead of a NBC’s new top-rated scripted show, “Revolution.” Despite losing 4 percent of its audience from last year, “Once” is still in the overall top 25 network shows, and is ranked fifth on the ABC schedule. “Revolution,” on the other hand, had a strong start, but has been fading as of late, boasting an ALI rating of just 73.1, meaning that of all the people who tuned in to see at least one episode of the lights-out drama, only 73 percent returned to watch the show each week.

One show staying within the top four is one NBC decided to pass on. “Mockingbird Lane,” the Bryan Fuller attempt to turn “The Munsters” into a drama, is still ranked fourth among genre shows, and is even ahead of “Grimm,” which usually occupies the Friday night slot. Of course, it’s hard to tell if “Mockingbird Lane” could’ve maintained those numbers with additional episodes, but still, it seemed that audiences were at least halfway interested in seeing what a new version of “Munsters” would be like.

Of the returning genre shows, “Grimm” has seen its audience grow a little under 4 percent from last season, and is ranked No. 55 overall. “Fringe” remains the lowest-rated Big Four network show after losing nearly 11 percent of its already small audience from last year.

And “Vampire Diaries” keeps on ticking with a 3 percent audience boost from last year, although the new top show on The CW is easily “Arrow.” That superhero show, which stars Stephen Amell, is tied with or beating seven other shows from the Big Four networks, the first time The CW can boast that like, well, ever.

Even better for “Arrow,” it’s maintaining an ALI rating of 88.0, very strong for a new show, meaning that of all the people who tuned in to see at least one episode of “Arrow,” 88 percent return each week. Among television’s most stable audience shows, “Arrow” is just sitting outside the top 25.

Curious to how all of network television did in the first half of the 2012-13 season? Check out our full report on our sister site Inside Blip by clicking here.

Top Network Genre Shows, through Dec. 22 — [Audience Loyalty Index rating]

1.    Once Upon a Time (ABC)    5.5/8    [85.6]
2.    Revolution (NBC)    5.2/8    [73.1]
3.    Neighbors (ABC)    4.2/7    [73.3]
4.    Mockingbird Lane (NBC)    3.5/6    [100]
5.    666 Park Avenue (ABC)    3.2/5    [68.6]
5.    Grimm (NBC)    3,2/5    [84.4]
7.    Arrow (The CW)    2.2/3    [88.0]
8.    Fringe (Fox)    1.8/3    [89.4]
8.    Vampire Diaries (The CW)    1.8/3    [87.8]
10.    Beauty and the Beast (The CW)    1.3/2    [63.9]
10.    Supernatural (The CW)    1.3/2    [86.7]

Fast Nationals usually provide a snapshot of what Americans are watching by pulling numbers from the top urban markets that include both live viewing and same-day timeshifted viewing. A rating point generally represents more than 1.1 million households while the share indicates the percentage of televisions turned on that was tuned to the specific program. These numbers typically shift when final ratings are issued.

Data collected from The Nielsen Co., as distributed by Zap2it. GenreNexus tracks non-news, non-event programming, and figures for this story reflect airing of new episodes only. For more information on the Audience Loyalty Index, click here.

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