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Teaser Trailer For ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’ Released

Benedict Cumberbatch is featured heavily, but still no character reveal

Fans are waking up Thursday morning getting their first look at the latest film featuring Capt. Kirk, the Enterprise, and, of course, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Paramount Pictures released a teaser trailer for “Star Trek: Into Darkness,” the highly anticipated sequel to 2009’s “Star Trek,” starring Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto and Karl Urban. The only voice heard in the trailer is that of “Sherlock” star Cumberbatch, but despite his prominent role in the advertisement, his actual role in the film is still not revealed.

(See the trailer right here)

“You think your world is safe,” Cumberbatch says in the opening voiceover. “It is an illusion. A comforting lie, told to protect you. Enjoy these final moments of peace.”

The trailer features a number of stunning visuals, including some screams, some spectacular building collapses, and what appears to be the Enterprise itself crash-landing into a body of water near a city at the end.

Director J.J. Abrams hasn’t totally kept fans in the dark about who Cumberbatch’s character is (although many are still strongly believing he’s playing Khan Noonien Singh, last seen played by Ricardo Montalban in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”) There seems to be some clues in the voice over.

“For I have returned,” Cumberbatch said, “to have my vengeance.”

Those clues seem to be an almost dead giveaway for Khan, the fact that he “returned” and that he is seeking revenge. The original Khan character was a key figure in the Eugenics Wars in the 1990s, was sent to space in suspended animation, and then woken up by the Enterprise crew in the original “Star Trek” episode “Space Seed.”

Even more, the original title for “Star Trek II” was “The Revenge of Khan.” This was changed because at the time, George Lucas had intended to name the third installment of his Star Wars franchise “The Revenge of the Jedi.” Both sides would actually change their names to “Wrath of Khan” and “Return of the Jedi” respectively.

While these statements might be obvious, they could also be used as a way to divert fans from the true character — something Abrams enjoys doing. He may be leading fans toward Khan, only to yank the carpet out from underneath everyone with a reveal of someone totally different. Other names like Gary Mitchell are still being bantied about, but there are some who speculate that this might be a completely new bad guy that is not part of Star Trek lore.

There is one last tidbit that fans should be aware of. Apple has released more than a dozen versions of the trailer, mostly for international audiences. The Japanese version has a bit of an easter egg at the end: An additional voiceover by Cumberbatch.

“Is there anything you would not do for your family?” Cumberbatch says at the very end of the trailer. With the voiceover, we end up seeing a very key (and familiar) scene: Glass separating two hands, trying to touch each other … one of the hands giving the Vulcan hand salute. That begs the question: Is Spock’s death from “Wrath of Khan” back on the table?

Either way, more is likely to be revealed in the next few months as additional trailers are released, and more information about the storyline itself is released. Ultimately all will be revealed when the film makes its premiere in May.

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