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The CW Begins Its Wonder Woman Search For ‘Amazon’

Netlet the latest to try and bring the female superhero to screen

Flush with the success of “Arrow,” The CW is now attempting to bring another DC property to the small screen. But this might be the biggest challenge yet for the young network as they are going where so many others have failed before: Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros. has sent out a casting notice for the starring role in “Amazon,” the proposed name for the new series. Although the casting sheets listed the name as Iris, that was determined to just be a code word to keep “Diana” secret, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Arguably one of the most difficult characters effectively portray on television, Wonder Woman is sexy and wears a skimpy costume. Yet, she is a fierce warrior. She’s a princess. She comes from a strange culture. Whatever it is, Wonder Woman adaptations have not made it to a network schedule — or even the big screen — in a very long time.

In recent years, Joss Whedon wrote a much-publicized script that reportedly placed the hero in a fish-out-of-water story. It was rejected. Then, NBC tried to develop a series last year, with Adrianne Palicki in the lead role. Palicki would have played three roles – the titular Wonder Woman, Diana Themyscyra (who is a CEO-type and is the public figure that everyone already knows is Wonder Woman), and Diana Prince, who is her secret identity and, presumably, would have been the focus of the show. Palicki was also photographed in a modern version of the costume, which was widely panned around the Internet, possibly becoming one of several reasons the series never made the fall schedule.

In fact, the last time that a Wonder Woman series was on the air was 1979. “Wonder Woman” starred Lynda Carter, and for many, she epitomizes the look of the Amazon Princess. However, “Wonder Woman” leaned heavily on camp, which is not as prevalent in today’s network shows.

The new version, tentatively titled “Amazon”, seems to be on the right track. The story reportedly is once again a fish-out-of-water premise (like the one that was created by Whedon). However, this version was created by Allan Heinberg and chronicles the lead character’s life as a young Amazon, before she becomes a warrior princess or gains her super powers. It is designed to be a prequel.

Heinberg has strong credentials. He and artist Terry Dodson relaunched Wonder Woman following DC Comics’ “Infinite Crisis” mini-series. But, regardless of the plot points, without an iconic looking lead actress, the series will be incomplete.

The CW has not announced when such a series might be ready for air, but there is a possibility that a pilot could be shot next spring with the hopes of getting a 2013-14 television season pickup.

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