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Comic-Con International Confirms Anaheim Return

But the competing city could be used to put pressure on San Diego

Is this the first step toward a split? Or is this really an isolated incident?

It’s not quite clear as Comic-Con International confirms they are indeed opening a convention in Anaheim in the spring, and it could be something entirely new, yet somewhat familiar.

The group, responsible for the internationally renowned San Diego Comic-Con, was rumored last July to be splitting its main convention between San Diego and Anaheim. The San Diego convention has clearly outgrown its space, and with the city itself dragging its feet on convention center expansion, organizers have hinted they could move the whole thing to another city, like Anaheim.

But David Glanzer, the vice president of marketing and public relations for San Diego Comic-Con, said the idea to bring a convention to Anaheim has more to do with convention center upgrades in San Francisco affecting another one of their conventions than it does in any proposed split.

This past spring, WonderCon moved from San Francisco to Anaheim because of renovation efforts at the Moscone Center. Organizers are planning to return to Anaheim in 2013 simply because they are not sure they can book the completed Moscone Center in time, and want to make sure they have a convention.

If they cannot book Moscone, then the Anaheim convention will once again be known as WonderCon. If WonderCon returns to San Francisco, then the Anaheim convention will move forward — but with a yet-to-be-announced name. Some sources continue to tell Airlock Alpha that this could very well be the rumored Comic-Con split.

These same sources tell Airlock Alpha that the Anaheim move could be used to help put pressure on San Diego to move forward with convention center expansion. That expansion is needed to be done by 2017, but in order for that to happen, construction has to be well under way by 2014. If not, the current deal to keep Comic-Con in San Diego through 2015 may not be renewed.

Anaheim is one of the primary locations that have been rumored for a potential Comic-Con move. Also on the list is Las Vegas, home of the annual official Star Trek convention.

If the Moscone Center is finished in time for WonderCon to move back, that would turn 2013 into a four-convention year for Comic-Con International organizers. If not, they will remain at three, with the Alternative Press Expo joining them.

San Diego Comic-Con in 2013 is still planned for next July.

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