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Alleged Aurora Copycats Arrested By Police

Authorities nab men in Maine, Arizona, California

The tragedy in Aurora, Colo., which left 12 people dead and 58 wounded, should be one mourned across the country. And while that is taking place for the most part, there are still a handful of people who see it much differently. And luckily, they ended with them in handcuffs.

A speeding stop in Maine may have prevented an employer from being gunned down by a former employee, as well as other deaths.

Timothy Courtois of Biddeford told police that he had just seen “The Dark Knight Rises,” and was on his way to gun down his former manager. Police found an AK-47, four handguns, a bunch of ammunition, and news clippings from the Colorado shooting that has led to preliminary murder charges against James E. Holmes.

Police later searched Courtois’ home and found a machine gun and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Courtois told police he had seen “Dark Knight Rises” on Saturday, but authorities were not able to confirm that. So far, he’s only been charged with speeding and possession of a concealed weapon, according to The Associated Press.

Although it was not clear of his exact intentions, off-duty border patrol officers checking out “Dark Knight Rises” in Sierra Visa, Ariz., tackled a man with a backpack who apparently was quite intoxicated, and invoked the Colorado shootings.

Police searched the bag of Michael William Borboa, but did not find any weapons. Instead, they found partially consumed bottles of commercial alcohol and moonshine. Borboa was arrested for disorderly conduct, intimidation and threats.

Another moviegoer with a backpack in Los Angeles was arrested after he apparently was upset to the late start of “Dark Knight Rises.” Clark Tabor reportedly yelled out that he should “go off like in Colorado” and even asked if anyone had a gun.

Tabor was arrested, but officials did not find any weapons in his backpack.

James Holmes appeared in court on Monday morning to begin the initial process to face charges. In the meantime, “Dark Knight Rises” star Christian Bale visited Colorado hospitals on Tuesday, two days after President Barack Obama did the same.

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