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Smaller Audiences Greet ‘Warehouse 13,’ ‘Alphas’ Return

Still, both shows are up double digits over their season finales

It’s supposed to be Powerful Mondays on Syfy, and it still is — even if the lights are dimming just a little bit.

“Warehouse 13” returned Monday with more than 2.1 million viewers, more than half of them in a key advertising demographic of adults 25 to 54. It was a solid return for the comedy and drama as it starts its fourth season, up 17 percent from the Season 3 finale. However, it was still down from what it did last year, premiering to 2.3 million viewers last year.

“Alphas” was down a little as well, attracting 1.7 million viewers for its Season 2 debut. While it’s a bit of a steep dive from its series premiere audience of 2.5 million, it is up almost 50 percent from the “Alphas” season finale, and included double-digit gains across key demographics, according to Syfy.

This is the second season that Syfy has paired “Warehouse 13” and “Alphas,” and has even gone as far as setting the two shows in the same universe. That’s similar to what happened with the former “Warehouse 13” weekly partner, “Eureka,” which recently ended its run.

It’s not clear yet how those ratings will affect the fate of these two shows. “Warehouse 13” was actually given an expanded season this year to 20 episodes, which get the usual Syfy split after 10 episodes. There is no word when the back half of Season 4 will air.

“Alphas” is kicking off a second season with 13 episodes, which will all air at once. Created by Zak Penn and Michael Karnow, the series picked up a new showrunner this year in the form of former “Eureka” executive producer Bruce Miller.

The series stars recent Emmy nominee David Strathairn, Ryan Cartwright, Warren Christie, Azita Ghanizada, Laura Mennell, Malik Yoba and Erin Way.

Depending on how much audience erosion there is into later episodes, “Alphas” could be confident in earning a third season. While 1.7 million viewers might not be extraordinary, even for a cable series, it is far better than the less then 1.2 million who turned out for the season finale.

“Warehouse 13” premiered in July 2009 to 3.5 million viewers, one of the best premieres ever for a Syfy original series behind only “Stargate: Atlantis” in 2004 and “Eureka” in 2006.

It stars Eddie McClintock, Joanne Kelly, Saul Rubinek and Allison Scagliotti. Special guests this year include Brent Spiner from “Star Trek: The Next Generation,” and a return of both Jeri Ryan and Kate Mulgrew from “Star Trek: Voyager.”

“Warehouse 13” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET, followed by “Alphas” at 10 p.m. ET, on Syfy.

And for those keeping track, Wednesday is the final day you can vote in the 2012 Airlock Alpha Portal Awards.

Nominated from “Warehouse 13” is McClintock for Best Actor/Television, Kelly for Best Actress/Television, Saul Rubinek for Best Supporting Actor/Television, Scagliotti for Best Supporting Actress/Television, “Emily Lake” for Best Episode/Television, Jaime Murray for Best Special Guest/Television, and the show itself for Best Series/Television.

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