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Jaime Murray Considers Both ‘Warehouse 13’ Spinoff, ‘Defiance’

Actress still interested in continuing on with H.G. Wells

Jaime Murray is one popular actress, and it seems nearly every television producer wants to have her a part of the team.

But when Murray signed on to the highly anticipated new Syfy series “Defiance,” there were many concerns that plans to keep her in another universe — one created by “Warehouse 13” — might not happen.

Despite her news full-time job, Murray says she’s still quite interested in reviving her sinister, unpredictable H.G. Wells character. And she could still very much be a part of a planned spinoff being developed by “Warehouse 13” showrunner Jack Kenny.

“Actually, if I were working on any other network, the spinoff would be completely off the chart by now,” Murray told Airlock Alpha and other reporters attending a Friday morning launch gathering at San Diego Comic-Con. “But I think sci-fi is a genre where the audience sort of enjoys seeing actors that they know and are invested in. If Syfy wanted that [H.G. Wells spinoff] to happen, it still could happen. We would be able to work out scheduling and such, so it could work.”

Even more, both “Defiance” and “Warehouse 13” are filmed in Toronto, so transportation and lodging wouldn’t be an issue if the H.G. Wells spinoff were to be greenlighted.

Murray plays Stahma Tarr, an alien with a very interesting background. She plays a character, who on her home world, would be a high-class citizen. But life is much different in Defiance, the city that was once St. Louis. Stahma is married to Datak Tarr, played by Scottish actor Tony Curran. He plays a character of a lower class of the same alien race, a marriage that would probably only work in a place like Defiance.

“As an actor, it’s a very fun thing to explore,” Murray said. “As a modern-day woman, it’s very interesting for me to play such a character that comes from a place with so little power and how that doesn’t sit well with her. She’s expected to be a submissive in a patriarchal society, but she finds other ways to find what she needs.”

Murray also has a chance to work once again with Julie Benz, the actress she shared some scenes in Season 2 of the Showtime hit “Dexter.” Since first meeting in 2007 on that show, the two have become great friends, and are enjoying the chance to work together again.

“It’s an added plus to be able to work with one of your best friends,” Benz said. And while the two are very close in the real world, when it comes to drama, having such a relationship is not in the cards. It seems that some things don’t change from the “Dexter” days.

“We’re not best friends on the show,” Benz said.

While Murray is still interested in reviving H.G. Wells in a spinoff, she’s mum on whether or not we will see the character again on “Warehouse 13.” And there’s reason for that.

“I can’t tell you things like that, I’d died at the end of the last season,” Murray said. “What possible way could I come back? Anything is possible in sci-fi.”

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“Defiance” premieres in April on Syfy.

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