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‘The Next Generation’ Celebrates Anniversary In Theaters

Fathom Events will show two episodes of Season 1

Just in case you were looking for the right thing to make you feel old, “Star Trek: The Next Generation” is celebrating 25 years since it debut in first-run syndication. And to celebrate, you’ll have a chance to see two episodes of TNG’s first season in high-definition and on the big screen.

Fathom Events is hosting an event in theaters nationwide, bringing back two episodes — “Where No One Has Gone Before” and “Datalore.” Both will be shown July 23. It will be shown in more than 500 theaters in 45 states (sorry Hawaii, Maine, Nebraska, Vermont and Wyoming).

“Where No One Has Gone Before” originally aired Oct. 26, 1987, and was written by Diane Duane and Michael Reaves. It was the first episode to feature The Traveler, played by Eric Menyuk, one of the finalists to take on the role of Data. It was also the episode that Wesley Crusher, played by Wil Wheaton, is made an acting ensign.

“Datalore” first aired Jan. 18, 1988, and was written by Robert Lewin and Gene Roddenberry, based on a story by Lewin and Maurice Hurley. Data’s android brother, Lore, is introduced, creating an evil twin scenario that only androids could pull off. It also creates the first appearance of the Crystalline Entity. This also marked the final episode of Star Trek penned by Roddenberry, who would die in 1991.

Both episodes, as have the rest of Season 1, have been digitally remastered for Blu-ray, and will feature some vignettes from the Blu-ray release. They include exclusive looks at the massive restoration of Season 1, as well as interviews with the cast and a look at the making of the original special effects. Audiences will also get a chance at a sneak peak of “Measure of a Man.”

The theater event will be held on July 23 only, beginning at 7 p.m. local time. The Season 1 Blu-ray will be released July 24 and retail for $130.

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