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‘Rosa’ Comes To Life With ‘Ion’ Scribe

Fox willing to let freshmen sink or swim with this post-apocalyptic drama

“Rosa” is now well on its way to getting the big-screen treatment, now that Twentieth Century Fox has found a writer for the project.

Will Dunn, who you most likely have never heard of, is set to become one of the hottest new writers in the genre. His project, “Ion,” was optioned by Ridley Scott’s Scott Free production shingle. While that project sits in pre-production, it already has actors like Sammi Hanratty (“Pushing Daisies”), Kelly Gould (“The Ghost Whisperer”) and Madison Leisle (“The Walking Dead”) involved.

In that film, a man — reportedly played by “Magic Mike’s” Channing Tatum — is desperate to find his reincarnated lover, and travels to other planets and dimensions in search of her.

But “Rosa” will be something much different. “Rosa” is currently a post-apocalyptic short written and directed by Jesus Orellana that features an Earth were all natural life has disappeared.

Fox loved what they saw as an animated treatment of the story, and have tapped Orellana to direct a full-length feature. However, the director needed some help in putting together an elongated story, and decided to try out Dunn for this project, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

The short was produced in Spain, and features Rosa, the robot portion of a project known as “Kernel,” which was man’s last attempt to restore the Earth’s ecosystem, according to Internet Movie Database. It’s a bit like Pixar’s “Wall-e,” but much darker, as Rosa wanders through the lifeless planet, until she discovers she is not alone.

The short was shown at various film festivals last year where it caught the attention of Fox, who optioned the short into a full-length film.

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