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In ‘Star Trek 2,’ Benedict Cumberbatch Is Not …

Simon Pegg makes an attempt to dispel rumors circulating the Internet

The news media was patting itself on the back just as “Star Trek 2” was wrapping principal photography.

One of the biggest mysteries of this new film had been answered: Who the hell was Benedict Cumberbatch playing in the film.

The answer, it seemed, was the one that many had speculated in the first place when Benicio del Toro was still attached to the film: Khan Noonien Singh, last seen in “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan.”

While nothing has seemed to shoot those reports down, one of the stars of “Star Trek 2” who hasn’t talked a lot about the film until now, is ready to get rid of something he obviously considers annoying.

“It’s no Khan,” Simon Pegg recently told The Daily Telegraph. “That’s a myth. Everyone’s saying it is, but it’s not.”

Pegg plays Chief Engineer Montgomery Scott in the sequel, which he says hits the ground running. But while Cumberbatch — best known for playing the title role in the British series “Sherlock” — is playing the big bad, it’s not who everyone says it is.

“It’s beyond the point to just ferret around for spoilers all the time to try to be the first to break them,” Pegg said. “It just spoils the film. It masquerades as interest in the movie, but really, it’s just nosiness and impatience. You just want to say, ‘Oh, fuck off! Wait for the film!”

Pegg said he loved working with Cumberbatch in the film, and while he wouldn’t share any details beyond the fact that it wasn’t the famous genetically engineered superhuman from Star Trek past, Pegg did describe Cumberbatch’s character as “not just another disgruntled alien.”

“It’s a really interesting … sort of … thing,” Pegg said. “Obviously, I can’t talk about it.”

“Star Trek 2” opens everywhere in May 2013.

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