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Netflix In Talks To Revive ‘Jericho’?

Post-apocalyptic Kansas could be coming back to a television near you

One of the very few television series to be saved by the fans (even if it was for a brief second season) could be revived yet again. And Netflix won’t need a single peanut to help it make a decision.

Karim Zreik, a co-executive producer of “Jericho” who is now working on the series “Common Law” said that not only would he love to see the one-time CBS series brought back, but it could actually be more than wishful thinking.

“We’d be ecstatic if that happened,” Zreik recently told The Hollywood Reporter. “From what I hear, sides are talking. I wish I knew more. As you know, the fanbase of that show were incredible, and they’ve all started reaching out since this report came out. It’s exciting and I know the cast is excited too.”

“Jericho” starred Skeet Ulrich as Jake Green, a sort of drifter from a prominent small-town Kansas family where his father was the long-time mayor. He returns with a mysterious past (including some sort of military work in Iraq), but no sooner does he arrive but most of the country’s major cities are nuked.

The series premiered in 2006 on CBS and had strong ratings, but a mid-season break killed the momentum of the show, and it returned to a much smaller audience for the second half of the season. However, the show was considered bubble material, and had actually been given an initial green light for a second season before executives changed their minds and cancelled the show.

The fans organized, and using a line from the season finale — Ulrich’s character telling an opposing commander “nuts” — started what would be called the “Nuts to you, CBS” campaign, where literally tons of nuts were shipped to CBS headquarters in New York and California.

CBS heard what fans were saying, and the looming writers strike didn’t hurt that case either. CBS decided to place a shortened season episode order for a second season, and filming started back up immediately, albeit with a smaller budget.

Unfortunately, the show was caught up in the Writers Guild strike, and would serve as a lead-out from the reality show “Big Brother,” despite reruns of “NCIS” with ratings that would rival many first-run shows, leading off the night. The audience loss between “NCIS” and “Big Brother” was too much for “Jericho,” and CBS announced the show’s second cancellation before the shortened second season ended.

The big question is who is still available for a show that has now been gone for five years? Ulrich most recently appeared in the short-lived NBC series “Law & Order: Los Angeles,” but at least according to


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