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Popular Sci-Fi Trio Take ‘Space Command’ To Kickstarter

Marc Scott Zicree, Doug Drexler, Neil Johnson attached to potential film series

Gene Roddenberry (and many writers before and after him) would complain a lot about how networks and studios would interfere with their vision.

That’s probably the main reason why one group of genre-known men aren’t taking that route. They want to bring their science-fiction vision directly to the audience, and with the help of the audience.

Marc Scott Zicree, Doug Drexler and Neil Johnson have joined forces to raise money for “Space Command,” what they hope could be the first of a series of movies inspired by 1950s genre television and movies.

Zicree, who will share the duties of writer, producer and director, is known for his work as a writer on a large number of genre projects, dating back to a 1981 episode of the cartoon series “Super Friends.” However, he would become better known for his story “First Contact” for “Star Trek: The Next Generation” in 1991, “Survivors” for “Babylon 5” in 1994 and “Far Beyond the Stars” for “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine” in 1998.

He also wrote for “TekWar,” “Sliders” and “Forever Knight,” among others. He was nominated for a Nebula Award in 2008 for “World Enough and Time” from the fan production “Star Trek: New Voyages.”

Johnson will be a producer and director for the project, but his work may not be as well known as others. He wrote and directed “Humanity’s End” with on a $2 million budget in 2009 as well as “Alien Armageddon” on a much-smaller $870,000 budget in 2011, according to Internet Movie Database.

Drexler, who will act as a producer and handle the visual effects for “Space Command,” is widely known in the genre for his special effects and designer expertise on projects like “Battlestar Galactica” and its spinoffs, “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” and four Trek movies: “Star Trek Generations,” “Star Trek: First Contact,” “Star Trek: Insurrection” and “Star Trek: Nemesis.”

Fundraising begins May 16 through Kickstarter, the popular entertainment fundraising site that has successfully funded more than 20,000 creative projects from 1.8 million individual contributors.

Many film projects on Kickstarter offer rewards for certain amounts pledged, and “Space Command” is no different. The project is offering associate producer credit and even a chance to appear in the film for contributions of $5,000 or more, according to the project’s news release.

Please remember, however, that while Kickstarter only takes money from pledges only if a goal is met, such contributions do not translate into any ownership stake. Also, even if a pledge goal is reached and money changes hand, there are no guarantees that a project will be made that meets the expectations of those who donated money, or if the project will be made at all.

Anyone choosing to donate any money should be willing to treat such a donation as a gift that they never expect to have returned in any shape or form.

No casting for “Space Command” has been announced, but a flyer that was delivered with a news release to Airlock Alpha touts that the films will be “written, produced, directed by and starring some of the top science-fiction visionaries working today.”

For more details, visit or

This isn’t the only project the trio are working on. Drexler just completed work on the broken pilot “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome,” what was once touted as a potential spinoff series for Syfy’s popular “Battlestar Galactica.”

Johnson is in post-production for “Alien Dawn,” which is scheduled for release early next month. Zicree is in pre-production for “Fugitive Space” as well as in development for another project called “Magic Time” with Trey Stokes (“2010: Moby Dick”) attached as the director.

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