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‘Captain America’ Finally Earns Sequel

Chris Evans set to return after first film and stint with ‘The Avengers’

Marvel Studios isn’t waiting to see how “The Avengers” does in theaters later this year. Following in the footsteps of “Thor,” the studio Friday announced it’s moving forward with a sequel to its 2011 hit “Captain America,” prepping it for a 2014 release.

Keeping the film canon with “The Avengers,” Chris Evans will take on the title role in the present, and not during World War II like the previous film. The events at the end of the first “Captain America” film, along with some storyline in the upcoming “Avengers” movie, bring super soldier Steve Rogers to the present.

With sequels now announced for “Thor” and “Captain America,” it’s not clear if Marvel is planning future “Avenger” films. It’s likely that the studio is waiting to see how audiences receive the Joss Whedon-directed film, and even if it’s a success, will provide audiences a mixture of standalone films with the characters, as well as group films.

There is no word of whether director Joe Johnston will return. Johnston, whose sporadic directing career includes “October Sky” in 1999, “Jurassic Park III” in 2001 and “The Wolfman” in 2010, is currently working on the thriller “Not Safe For Work” with a virtually unknown cast, and is rumored to be attached to yet another Jurassic Park film.

One person the film may definitely include more of is Samuel L. Jackson, who had sporadic cameos in different Marvel films to bring together “The Avengers,” and who is now playing a much more prominent role as Nick Fury.

“Captain America” grossed $368.6 million worldwide, built on a budget of $140 million. It grossed $176.6 million in North America, allowing Marvel to call the film a success.

Outside of Evans and Jackson, most of the film will likely have an all-new cast, since it doesn’t seem any of the other characters from the first film moved forward in time with Captain America.

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