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‘Hunger Games’ Dominates Box Office For Second Week

Revenue is down nearly 60 percent, but Lionsgate is $61M richer

After a record-setting weekend, it would be hard not to expect a big fall for “The Hunger Games” in its second week. But it wasn’t enough to cost it its crown.

“Hunger Games” earned $61.1 million at the box office over the weekend, bringing its 10-day total to $251 million in North America. Although it lost just under 60 percent of its revenue from the previous week, “Hunger Games” easily beat this week’s newcomers: “Wrath of the Titans” and “Mirror, Mirror.”

“Wrath,” the sequel to 2010’s “Clash of the Titans,” premiered far below its predecessor. The film grabbed $34.2 million at the box office for Warner Bros., compared to the $63.9 million “Clash” earned in a July release. “Clash” would go on to make $162 million at the box office, beating its $125 million budget. The latest installment will find it much harder to match those numbers in the end, and could end up being an early-season loser for Warner Bros.

“Mirror, Mirror,” the Julia Roberts fairy tale comedy, earned just $19 million at the box office, taking up third place.

“Wrath” and “Mirror” both bombed with critics. “Wrath” earned just a 25 percent positive rating from critics, according to Rotten Tomatoes while half the critics surveyed by the site liked “Mirror.” Fans, however, had a different take with 70 percent of “Wrath” viewers recommending that film, and just 55 percent of “Mirror” viewers.

“John Carter” continued to slip into box office oblivion in its fourth week. The Disney production made just $2 million, bringing its 24-day total to $66.2 million, according to The Numbers.

“Hunger Games” got a boost throughout the week, where it picked up nearly $40 million in additional revenue — more than what its two newcomer competitors made in the regular weekend — and is well on its way to about $350 million when it’s all said and done, if not more.

The additional week of “Hunger Games” has now moved Lionsgate to the No. 3 studio so far this year, behind only Universal and Sony Pictures, moving ahead of both Warner Bros. and Twentieth Century Fox.

“Hunger Games” will likely fall out of first place next week, but not to a new movie. “Titanic” returns to theaters, this time in 3-D, and the once highest-grossing movie of all time is expected to have a big opening weekend, likely in the nine digits. Also, Willem Dafoe’s “The Hunter” is released, already getting some early positive buzz, that could also compete with a film entering its third week.

“Hunger Games” has now surpassed “Dr. Suess’ Lorax” as the top-grossing movie so far in 2012, now $80 million ahead of the family friendly fare from Universal.

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