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Starz Leaves Door Open For ‘Torchwood’ Return

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It might not have produced the viewership Starz had hoped for when it first picked up the “Doctor Who” spinoff from Fox’s un-produced pilot cemetery, but there is still a chance that “Torchwood” could come back.

All it will take is creator Russell T. Davies to signal he’s ready for a return.

Chris Albrecht, the chief executive officer of Starz, told Multichannel News that the show is far from dead, thanks in part to the ongoing relationship Starz has with BBC Worldwide.

“You know, Russell is so busy,” Albrecht said. “Obviously, we’re in touch with the BBC all the time. They are our partners on ‘DaVinci’s Demons’ and the ‘Harem’ project. We told them we stand by ready for any news, but I think it will be a while before Russell came back to ‘Torchwood.'”

It’s a bit of a softer tone for Albrecht, who last August, seemed a bit perturbed that Davies had signed with Starz competitor Showtime to create a more “mature” version of his first major hit, “Queer as Folk.”

“‘Torchwood’ is not one of the shows we went into thinning about a yearly return,” Albrecht said at the time. “It’s about Russell T. Davies. He has a lot of things on his place. If ‘Torchwood’ is at the top of his list, that will affect the future of ‘Torchwood.'”

However, even his Showtime project took a break in December when Davies’ long-time partner, Andrew Smith, was diagnosed with brain cancer, sending the pair back to England. Although he’s back in England and tending to his partner, Davies is keeping busy. He co-created the children’s series “Aliens vs. Wizards” with Phil Ford, the former showrunner of another “Doctor Who” spinoff series, “The Sarah Jane Adventures.”

It’s not clear when Davies plans to return to America and continue his Showtime project as well as possibly revive “Torchwood.”

With “Sarah Jane” ended following the death of its star, Elisabeth Sladen, and “Torchwood” in limbo, fans have been wondering if new “Doctor Who” showrunner Steven Moffat has considered creating some spinoffs of his own.

“I’m not against it,” Moffat told fans at a Cardiff Doctor Who convention, according to Digital Spy. “Spinoff shows happen because you think, ‘That is so good, you should spin it off.’ But personally, I’m relatively busy.”

Moffat is pulling double duty between “Doctor Who” and another popular show, the BBC version of “Sherlock.”

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