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Will Justin Hartley Take On Green Arrow Again?

The CW plans pilot for new series involving ‘Green Lantern’ film writers

The CW is already familiar with DC Comics properties thanks to shows like “Smallville.” So it’s probably no surprise that the network is going to try and tap into that well again, this time to being “Green Arrow” to the screen.

The netlet has ordered a pilot for “Green Arrow” from Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Andrew Kreisberg. And while “Smallville” was a show that was once part of The CW family, it’s not clear if Justin Hartley will return to reprise the character.

Hartley, who turns 35 on Jan. 29, has not been too busy since his days on “Smallville,” at least where it involves cameras. After 72 episodes of “Smallville,” he appeared in an episode of “Chuck” on NBC last November, but has stayed quiet since then. While The CW could make the move with Hartley, it’s not clear if the network would look at this as a spinoff of “Smallville,” or try to create a different universe for the character.

Berlanti has made a career out of superheroes. He wrote last year’s “Green Lantern” film that grossed $219.9 million worldwide, and is the creator of shows like “No Ordinary Family,” and not exactly a superhero show but someone with somewhat special powers, “Eli Stone.” Both shows, however, lasted just one season.

His other creation, “Everwood,” stuck around a little longer, airing four seasons between 2002 and 2006.

Guggenheim was Berlanti’s co-creator of “Eli Stone” and worked with the writer on his other projects, including “No Ordinary Family,” and sharing writing credit for “Green Lantern.” Kreisberg is coming in as an executive producer and would write if The CW picks “Green Arrow” up for series. He is actually a writer for the character’s comic book series with DC, so has a lot of experience with his backstory and mannerisms.

The character itself has been around since 1941, created by Mort Weisinger and George Papp. Weisinger, who died in 1978, also co-created Aquaman and Johnny Quick. Weisinger was also an editor for the Superman comics in the 1960s and had a penchant for removing the Man of Steel’s steel to force him to be a hero like the rest of us would. He also was one of the first editors to include actual live people in the comics, including “Candid Camera” host Allen Funt as well as Steve Allen and Pat Boone.

In the comics, Green Arrow defends Star City with superb archery skills and special trick arrows, including explosive and boxing-glove tipped arrows. The character has been involved in a relationship with Black Canary, another superhero. Although no announcement has been made about the involvement of Black Canary, it’s a storyline that may lend itself well to The CW’s audience targets.

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