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‘Star Trek 2’ Won’t Have Nimoy, Shatner

However, it could include the return of Christopher Pike

Sorry William Shatner. Sorry Leonard Nimoy. “Star Trek 2” is ready to embark on its own journey, and it’s time to leave the past behind.

That is, unless Khan is involved.

Nimoy’s appearance in the 2009 film seems to be enough to bring in Star Trek fans of old, and usher in a new era. Plus, if there were more cameos of Trek’s past, then it would involve time travel — something I think many of us can agree has been done to death.

Entertainment blog Showbiz 411 said it talked to some people at the recent “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” premiere, and found out that no one would be back.

In fact, Simon Pegg — who appears in the new Mission: Impossible as well as the new version of Star Trek — said seeing an old face involving his role would be a true miracle, especially since the originator of the Scotty role, James Doohan, died in 2005.

“That would involve time travel,” Pegg said. “And if the real Scotty showed up, that would be something.”

But, that doesn’t mean no one is coming back. He’s not exactly a face from the past, but it looks like Bruce Greenwood could reprise his role of Christopher Pike in “Star Trek 2.”

One of the film’s writers, Roberto Orci, told posters on the TrekMovie message boards that some lines have been written for Greenwood’s Pike. All that needs to happen now is for Greenwood to make the time to appear when filming starts next month.

And there’s a chance he would. According to StumbleUpon, Greenwood recently said that Pike is an “essential component to the whole franchise.”

“I think there should be a whole offshoot of Pike’s adventure,” Greenwood told Collider. “There’s nothing that says Pike can’t get up and out of that wheelchair, get his own ship and go off on some adventures of his own. I’m now an admiral, but I just want to get out of the wheelchair.”

Greenwood is correct. It was not explained in the 2009 film why Pike was necessarily in the wheelchair (it could’ve been precautionary because of his ordeal with having slugs inhabit his brain). The original Pike, played in the first “Star Trek” pilot by Jeffrey Hunter, was later shown practically non-communicative in a wheelchair for the episode “The Menagerie” after exposure to delta radiation during a training exercise.

Pike was played in “The Menagerie” by Sean Kenney, since it would make little sense to spend the money returning Hunter himself in such a limited re-appearance. Hunter would die in May 1969, soon after the end of the original run of “Star Trek.”

The role of Pike was reimagined a bit for the new Star Trek, with Pike being the first captain of the NCC-1701 (instead of Robert April), and Pike quickly handing over command of the Enterprise to Kirk, where in the original series, Pike had remained in command for years.

“Star Trek 2” is slated for release in May 2013.

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