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Russell T. Davies Returns To England

American projects on hold while partner fights cancer

America is with one less popular television writer and producer right now as Russell T. Davies is back in England, caring for his partner who’s facing a serious health crisis.

Andrew Smith, Davies’ longtime boyfriend, started experiencing headaches while the couple lived in Los Angeles. Medical tests, however, revealed that Smith has brain cancer, and is now recovering from surgery. Soon after, the two returned to Manchester, where they are just a short drive from what Davies described as the best cancer hospital in Europe.

“That’s where we are now,” Davies told “He’s had 30 consecutive days of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, and we’ve got six months of chemotherapy ahead of us.”

The decision to put his projects on hold, including his upcoming Showtime series “Cucumber,” was an easy one. And his studio bosses at both CBS Corp. and BBC Worldwide allowed him to take time off with their blessing.

“Who gives a fuck about writing scripts if I can stay at home with him and make his day a bit happier,” Davies said. “I don’t know when I’ll start work again. I’ve got to see how Andrew’s health goes.”

Although there has been almost no talk of another season of “Torchwood” by BBC Worldwide and Starz, if there were any plans, they would be on definite hold as well. Although Davies is no longer a part of “Doctor Who,” he had continued with “Torchwood,” creating a season based mostly in the United States that aired over the past summer on both Starz in America and BBC across the pond.

“Torchwood” did good for Starz in terms of audience, but the cable channel has made no commitment for future seasons. There was word that Davies’ renewed relationship with Showtime — which brought his “Queer as Folk” from England in the early 2000s — may have played a role in the non-decision.

Davies was responsible for resurrecting “Doctor Who” in 2005, first starring Christopher Eccleston, and later David Tennant. He left the series in 2010, with the arrival of Matt Smith as the new Doctor, and handing over the reins to popular “Who” writer Steven Moffat.

Davies is a multi-award winning television writer and producer, taking home a Hugo, and trophies from the Writers Guild of Great Britain and the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.

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