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Syfy Returns To Space With Robert Hewitt Wolfe

Cable channel announced development slate, focused on dramas

Syfy has made a lot of project announcements over the years, and most of them never make it to the screen. But there is some hope that the latest untitled project from writer and producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe will take Syfy right back to space.

Universal Cable Productions said it’s working with Wolfe on a show set in a postwar era on the Starship Defender looking for lost worlds requiring law and order. The ship is helmed by humans and trans-humans, who don’t get along very well, as part of the newly formed Unity Democracy.

Wolfe has been an executive or co-executive producer on shows like “Alphas” and “Dresden Files” for Syfy, as well as a consulting producer on shows like “The Gates” and “The 4400.” He was a producer on “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” writing more than 30 episodes of the series. He also was a showrunner for “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda,” which starred Kevin Sorbo.

Syfy is still sticking to grounded scripted series as well, based on the success of shows like “Alphas” and “Warehouse 13,” and is looking to bring in two series that deal with the supernatural and one from a writer of “Supernatural.”

“Seeing Things” is a project of Fox TV Studios about a cop who becomes a ghost determined to finish his last case following a violent death, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He can only communicate with a man who is socially awkward, and believes the cop is nothing more than one of his other hallucinations he has had throughout his life. David Slack will write the pilot with Gabrielle Stanton, and include Scott Rosenberg and Robert Cort as executive producers.

Slack has been a very active writer on shows like “Law & Order,” “In Plain Sight” and most recently “Person of Interest.” He has also done a lot of animated work, including “Baby Looney Tunes,” “Stuart Little” and “Jackie Chan Adventures.”

Stanton has been a very active writer in the genre, starting with the “Deep Space Nine” episode “The Reckoning,” and continued through shows like “Earth: Final Conflict,” “Farscape,” “Moonlight,” and most recently, “Haven” on Syfy. She was a co-executive producer for “Moonlight” on CBS as well as “Castle” on ABC. She is currently a consulting producer on “Haven.”

Rosenberg wrote “Con Air” and the screenplay for “Gone in Sixty Seconds.” He has also written episodes of “October Road,” “Life on Mars” and “Happy Town.” He is currently working on the Paramount Pictures project “The Hauntrepreneur.”

Cort is a longtime producer on projects dating back to “Turk 182!” in 1985 to “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and “Jumanji.”

“Ghost Projekt” is based on the Oni Press comic series about a woman KGB agent and a male American weapons inspector who have to fight together to stop a new deadly force in Siberia. It’s being put together by CBS Studios, and will have Brett Matthews writing the pilot, along with executive producers Andy Bourne and Eric Gitter.

Matthews is an executive story editor for “Supernatural” after being an assistant to Joss Whedon for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and “Angel.” He wrote the “Firefly” episode “Heart of Gold,” as well as a comic that tied together the “Firefly” series with the movie “Serenity.”

It’s not clear when production might start on these shows, especially since Syfy has a habit of announcing new projects before giving them a greenlight to series. Remember that “Quantum Leap” revival that never happened? And where are the shows featuring Kevin Sorbo and Lee Majors?

Syfy, otherwise, has been rolling with new viewers, including the most recent quarter which the cable channel said was its most-watched ever.

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