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David Blue In Groundbreaking Roddenberry Film

‘White Room: 02B3’ will be shot using a special 360-degree camera

Chances are you’ve never seen a movie like this before. But if Roddenberry Entertainment can pull it off, you may see much more like it in the future.

Roddenberry Entertainment — led by Eugene W. Roddenberry Jr., the son of “Star Trek” creator Gene Roddenberry — is producing “White Room: 02B3,” a film by director Greg Aronowitz that will have a cast of six — but a camera contingent of nine.

That’s right, “White Room: 02B3” will be what is expected to be one of, if not the first, 360-degree movie with nine 2K cameras, all running simultaneously. It will capture what Roddenberry calls “high-quality panoramic video with no gaps or distortion.”

The film is not just a film where attention is focused on one frame. Instead, the actors involved with “White Room: 02B3” have to incorporate a number of story elements for characters who would otherwise have been off-camera in a normal movie shoot.

“Roddenberry has always been a pioneer in pushing the envelope, and broadening the scope of entertainment,” Aronowitz said in a release. “They’ve given me an amazing opportunity to be one of the first directors to navigate the challenges of creating a 360-degree narrative film.”

That film, by the way, will star Breckin Meyer, David Blue, Rachel True, Milynn Sarley and Tony Janning. Meyer is one of the stars of TNT’s “Franklin & Bash,” and has appeared in shows such as “Robot Chicken,” “Heroes” and “The Jackie Thomas Show.” True appeared in “Once and Again,” “The Drew Carey Show” and “The Craft.”

Blue is best known to genre fans for his work in “Stargate: Universe,” but also appeared in other shows such as “Ugly Betty” and “Moonlight.”

Sarley and Janning are Web actors, with Sarley as a founding member of “Team Unicorn” and “Weeding Out.”

Aronowitz himself has spent more time in the art department of some major productions than in the director’s chair. He has, however, directed productions like “The Guild Sells Out” and “Battle Planet.”

“Because we follow in footsteps of a luminary like Gene Roddenberry, we recognize science-fiction as a methodology via which we can explore the human condition from every potential angle,” said the younger Roddenberry, in a release. “It, therefore, feels fitting that with ‘White Room: 02B3,’ we are literally pushing cinematic boundaries by providing a 360-degree view of our characters and our story for audiences to experience and enjoy.”

The film is expected to begin making the film festival circuit in 2012, and then launch as an immersive cinematic trailblazer in 360-degree domes around the country and as an interactive experience online.

Trevor Roth, the chief operating officer of Roddenberry Entertainment, talked extensively about “White Room: 02B3” to Airlock Alpha at San Diego Comic-Con last month. He also showed off the camera that will be used in the production, all of which can be seen in our video section by clicking here.

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