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Karen Gillan Leaving ‘Doctor Who’ So Soon?

New rumors point to recast of popular companion

This story may contain spoilers.

It’s not the kind of thing “Doctor Who” fans want to hear right now. But there’s a new (and solid) rumor circulating that both Karen Gillan and Arthur Darvill are leaving “Doctor Who” after the sixth season.

Of course, ’tis the season for departure rumors like this, especially as both BBC and BBC America gear up for the second half of Season 6. But if it’s true, the married couple of Amy Pond and Rory Williams are departing because of creative reasons, not budgetary.

“The writing team decided to rest the characters,” according to the British tabloid The Daily Star. “There are going to be a lot of tears in the finale. The Doctor will set off in the Tardis for his next adventure on his own. Amy and Rory will be reunited with their baby Melody Pond and they make a decision to stay on Earth to settle down as a family.”

The reuniting with their baby portion of that source quote, however, has put that rumor to doubt, however. It is believed that Melody Pond will grow up outside of the influence of her biological parents, and thus any reuniting will be of either a teenager or adult Melody. Or they may not reunite at all.

However, if the couple do get their baby back, it will be tough to tote the infant around in Tardis adventures, so leaving “Doctor Who” and living in the civilian world makes sense.

If the rumors are true, Amy and Rory won’t be gone for good. Because of their popularity with fans, they would return in guest roles, similar to what Billie Piper did with her character of Rose Tyler.

None of this, of course, has been confirmed or even acknowledged by BBC, so it should be treated as any rumor would.

“Doctor Who” returns Aug. 27 on BBC America, and around the same time for BBC.

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