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Syfy Acquires Season 4 Of ‘Merlin’

Mythical family-drama will air on Syfy in 2012

“Merlin” has made a name for itself in the United Kingdom, filling the void in BBC’s primetime family slot during breaks between “Doctor Who.”

Like the long-running science-fiction series, “Merlin” has also found success in the United States and is now secure for another year with Syfy announcing that it has acquired the rights for the fourth season of the series.

Set in Camelot, the show focuses on Merlin (Colin Morgan) as he explores his natural magical talents in a Kingdom that outlaws magical practices of any kind. Friends with Arthur (Bradley James), the Once and Future King, Merlin works to not only protect those closest to him but to also ensure his friend achieves his destiny.

Last season, “Merlin” averaged 1.93 million viewers — marking a 12 percent increase from the second season — leaving many curious about how the series will perform now that British shows such as “Torchwood” are gaining greater prominence within the United States.

The series is produced and created by Shine TV, with FreemantleMedia Enterprise holding the exclusive distribution, home entertainment and licensing rights to “Merlin” everywhere except from the United Kingdom where the series remains part of the BBC’s family drama line-up.

No date has been confirmed for the series yet but Syfy have confirmed plans are to air the show near the beginning of 2012.

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