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‘Torchwood’ Star Tells U.K. Fans To Please Be Patient

Britian will have to wait a week after Americans to see ‘Miracle Day’

It was Great Britain who gave the world “Torchwood,” so it seems only natural that new episodes premiere in that country first.

But not so fast. The fourth season of the “Doctor Who” spinoff will premiere on the American premium cable channel Starz on July 8 — about a week before BBC will air the first episode in Great Britain.

And there are some fans that aren’t so happy about it. So much, it has “Torchwood” star Eve Myles sharing in their frustration — but armed with a warning at the same time.

“We never, ever, ever wanted to take this show away from the original fans,” Myles told The Hollywood Reporter. “What we always wanted to do with the show was give them a gift every year, something wonderful. A big, big present. And if that present isn’t good enough, we aren’t going to give it to you.”

Myles, who plays Gwen Cooper on the series, isn’t upset so much about the frustration, but more on some fans who have publicly declared they will illegally download the episode online rather than wait for its BBC debut. But she did emphasize that it wasn’t her decision, nor co-star John Barrowman’s, decision to delay the premiere. That’s just the way it worked out — especially since Starz is fronting a lot of the production money to make Season 4.

“You just want to get to see it, don’t you? I mean, fair play,” Myles said. “These people have waited just over two years for this next season. You know, they’ve waited long enough.”

Myles added that she wished she had the entire season at her home in Wales and then she can invite everyone over. But her house just isn’t big enough.

“Sit tight,” she added, however, “because it is a fantastic ride.”

“Torchwood” premieres July 8 at 10 p.m. ET on Starz in the United States, and July 14 on BBC in the United Kingdom.

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