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Rod Roddenberry Needs Fan Help To Finish Documentary

Convention footage needed for ‘Trek Nation’

Nearly a decade in the making, and now all it needs is some old convention film.

Eugene W. Roddenberry’s long-awaited “Trek Nation” documentary is ever-so-close to a release. And now the Star Trek advocate (and protector of his father’s vision for the franchise) is turning to fans to help him put the final touches on the production.

Trevor Roth, a co-producer for the movie, told TrekMovie that they are trying to fill a “few final holes” with the intent of “bringing a more vivid picture to Star Trek’s history.”

Roddenberry is looking for footage specifically from 1970s conventions, including guest speakers and the convention floor. He’s also looking for behind-the-scenes footage from both the original “Star Trek” series and one of its spinoffs, “Star Trek: The Next Generation.”

Roddenberry also is looking for letters, photos, news articles, television film clips of the late 1960s letter-writing campaign to save “Star Trek” led by Bjo Trimble.

Anyone with any of these materials should let Roddenberry know directly by emailing him at

Roddenberry first announced the initial work on “Trek Nation” in April 2003.

“One of the ideas behind the documentary is to explore how far Star Trek has gone, how many cultures it’s touched, how many boundaries it’s pierced,” Roddenberry told Airlock Alpha (then known as SyFy Portal) at the time. “Finding out day after day about different countries, different kinds of people who have found this idea, and that it’s permeated in so many places, it says something.”

At the time the project was announced, many fans and actors were still wincing from the 1997 Roger Nygard documentary “Trekkies” (which since released a sequel). Roddenberry, however, assured that his project would be much kinder to fans.

“When you look at the people who are inspired by Star Trek, look at where they are now, look at what it’s done for them,” Roddenberry said at the time. “It’s done a lot more than what any politician has, and more than what some parents have. It’s not the best thing in the world, but I’m so amazed that a TV show has inspired so many people in a powerful way, that it’s changed their life for the better.”

More details about “Trek Nation” can be found at

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