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‘Torchwood’ To Feature Motion Comic App For Smart Phones

Features Eliza Dushku and John Barrowman

It’s been almost two years since you last saw a new minute of “Torchwood.” But now the “Doctor Who” spinoff is coming to your iPhone faster than you expected.

The highly anticipated motion comic, starring “Dollhouse’s” Eliza Dushku and series star John Barrowman, is set to debut just before the July 8 premiere of “Torchwood” on Starz in the United States.

“Torchwood: Web of Lies” will not only provide clues to the “Miracle Day” season as it continues on through 10 three-minute motion comic strips, but it also will feature interactive gameplay elements, as if you weren’t distracted enough by your smart phone.

The first narrative and game will be released for free through Apple’s iTunes right before July 8, with the remaining nine available for $1 (or $3 for the entire series).

The app was developed by BBC Worldwide Productions and BBC Worldwide Digital Entertainment and Games, and was written by “Torchwood” writers Jane Espenson and Ryan Scott.

The storyline itself is meant to run parallel to the events of “Miracle Day,” and will include the characters of Capt. Jack Harkness (Barrowman) and Gwen Cooper, voiced by Eve Myles. Barrowman and Myles are the two holdovers from the BBC version of “Torchwood” which lasted for three seasons until its move to the American premium cable channel Starz as a joint production with BBC.

It’s a day in the past of both Capt. Jack and Gwen that both of them forgot. The events of that day fuel a modern-day conspiracy-laced treasure hunt as Holly Mokri (voiced by Dushku) labors to uncover the secrets of Miracle Day, according to a release.

“Torchwood: Miracle Day” premieres a 10-episode season beginning July 8 on Starz.

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