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Not So Fast On ‘Warehouse 13’ Spinoff, Syfy

Cable channel’s showrunner for top-rated program sets record straight on H.G. Wells

Jack Kenny was casually sharing some ideas with Syfy when he pitched a potential spinoff to his hit show, “Warehouse 13.”

The idea would have Helena G. Wells — a character introduced in the show’s first season played by Jaime Murray — back in the late 19th century, working for Warehouse 12, and acting as a sort of science-fiction version of Sherlock Holmes.

“They really loved it,” Kenny said. “They loved the character. They love the whole world of steampunk. Then, all of a sudden, it’ sin the press, and we’re doing it. I’m like, ‘Whoa, guys, wait!'”

Kenny said he hadn’t even finished the pitch yet and Syfy was announcing the series, leading to phone calls from a number of people, including the film ministry in Toronto asking if the new H.G. Wells series would join “Warehouse 13” in shooting there.

“Shoot it?” Kenny told Zap2it. “We haven’t even finished pitching it!”

It’s not that Kenny isn’t thrilled about the enthusiasm Syfy has for the idea he pitched with “Warehouse 13” writer Bob Goodman. It’s just that his focus right now is on “Warehouse 13,” which returns for its third season July 11, and he’s not quite ready to take on a second series as well.

Even if Syfy officially greenlights the series — which it hasn’t done yet — there are some logistics to overcome. The biggest would be filming a period show on what will likely not be a large budget, meaning either some creative redressing of Toronto streets to look like 1893 London, or a lot of work on soundstages.

“I don’t know necessarily that it would happen in London,” Kenny said. “We could have her come to New York and work there, because I’ve been reading books about that period, and it’s fascinating and wonderful. We can play with history, anyway, so why not?”

Bringing Wells to New York would give her a chance to interact with some interesting characters from the time period, particularly Nikola Tesla, who in the series invented the stun weapons Warehouse agents use in the current show. And it would be an interesting tie-in anyway, because Wells said in one episode she was the one who first brought the weapons to the Warehouse in the first place.

Although Kenny didn’t release details of the proposed series, except to say that he’s not expected to have a serious conversation with Syfy about it until the end of the month, it’s almost definitely a prequel story to “Warehouse 13.” That could very well include Wells as an agent for Warehouse 12, which at the time was based in England, and the events that led up to the death of her daughter and her eventual imprisonment that would later bring her to the present day.

“Warehouse 13” remains Syfy’s highest-rated program, and recently received a number of nominations in Airlock Alpha’s 2011 Portal Award. That includes nods to Eddie McClintock for Best Actor/Television, Allison Scagliotti for Best Supporting Actress/Television and Saul Rubinek for Best Supporting Actor/Television.

Voting for the Portal Awards begins June 25 right here on Airlock Alpha.

“Warehouse 13” premieres July 11 at 9 p.m. ET on Syfy.

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