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‘Wonder Woman’ Future Still Undecided

Pilot screenings apparently receive a mixed reaction

After initially passing on “Wonder Woman” and then picking up on the project for a pilot episode, it looks like there is a chance that NBC will once again pass on the DC comics series.

After filming in Los Angeles, “Wonder Woman” has been screened for audience reaction and has so far received a very mixed response. The Hollywood Reporter recently slated the pilot episode but insisted that the show could still receive a pickup order.

“Talk of campy disappointment. Still a possible pickup, but the network could renew David E. Kelley’s ‘Harry’s Law’ instead.”

Meanwhile, Deadline is reporting that the series is actually receiving a positive response.

“The biggest news out of NBC is that David E. Kelley’s ‘Wonder Woman’ pilot has been delivered and it’s getting positive reaction,” the site reported.

Since it was announced, “Wonder Woman” has seen a noticeable backlash both from fans of the original comics and fans of the Lynda Carter series. Amongst the elements being criticized is Adrienne Palicki’s costume.

The original costume revealed for Kelley’s series is perhaps the most controversial aspect of the new series. The outfit was based on the #600 costume that was introduced in the comics last year … a design that received considerable criticism on its own.

But no press is bad press apparently, and the backlash faced by the #600 design helped sell the comics. Likewise, the discussion over the creative decisions being made on the television series is only helping to circulate news of the show itself. However, it appears than NBC is listening to fans and more costume changes are being made.

What changes exactly? Shorts, a move that will further align the character with her look in the DC comic series and to Lynda Carter’s appearance in the classic show. The costume has already undergone some tweaks, like trading Palicki’s blue boots for red ones, and switching the material used in the long pants, but the shorts could be among the most dramatic changes to the series yet.

A decision on the future of “Wonder Woman” is expected to be announced at the NBC upfronts on May 16.

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