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‘Miracle Day’ Will Re-Establish ‘Torchwood’

New viewers will not be lost when ‘Torchwood’ arrives on Starz this summer

This July, “Torchwood” will be crossing the Atlantic for what is being described as a bigger, bolder new idea thanks to a partnership with Starz and BBC.

Produced under a new development deal and filmed in the United States, fans have been wondering how much of the series will change and how much will remain classic “Torchwood.”

According to executive producer Julie Gardner, the series will remain true to its history but will re-invent itself for a new audience at the same time.

“The joy of what Russell [T. Davies] has created in the first episode, how he’s kind of placed all the characters and the story, is that it works as both things,” Gardner told SFX. “If you’re a returning member of the audience there are little references, jokes, a continuity of character that you will puck up on and hopefully enjoy.

“But if you are completely new to it, you don’t need to have even heard the phrase Torchwood. Everything is re-established for a fresh audience in episode one, and the way we’ve done that is that we have new American characters, notably CIA operatives Rex Matheson [Mekhi Phifer] and Esther Drummond [Alexa Havins].”

How will the new comers be worked into the series? Well, when the a miracle takes place and no one in the world dies the CIA begin investigating … and their efforts to understand this bizarre new phenomenon lead them to Cardiff Bay and the fallen institute known as Torchwood.

However, with new characters coming in and helping re-establish the series fans shouldn’t be worried about seeing less of their surviving duo as “Torchwood” will still focus on Jack (John Barrowman) and Gwen (Eve Myles).

Following on from “Children Of Earth,” the series will catch up with the surviving members of Torchwood (and Rhys too) who are trying to live their lives and keep a low profile. Jack is lurking in the shadows, watching over Gwen and Rhys but thanks to the global miracle that takes place they are forced to reveal themselves.

“Jack is very much a protector. Jack has disappeared, but he’s kind of watching and waiting and determined to protect Gwen. So as Rex’s investigation into what Torchwood is and what they know about this event gathers momentum, Jack and Gwen come into the light.”

“Torchwood: Miracle Day” will launch on BBC One and Starz in July.

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