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MGM Brings Stargate Movie Franchise To An End

Brad Wright tells convention attendees in Vancouver that everything is at an end

Fans hoping there would be a “Stargate: Universe” movie (or any continuation of the series) will not get what they were looking for.

SGU executive producer Brad Wright shared the bad news with fans at Creation Entertainment’s Vancouver convention Wednesday, which has finally begun the official mourning for the Stargate spinoff.

“To quote a castmate: Finding out there will be no SGU, [‘Stargate: Atlantis’ and [‘Stagate SG-1’] movie was ‘like getting cancelled all over again,” SGU star David Blue shared on Twitter Sunday afternoon. “I can’t imagine not playing Eli. We all hoped a movie would allow us the chance to play together again. It was an amazing crew, cast and team.”

Reports are that many of the cast and crew learned of the show’s final fate Saturday, with Wright tasked to share the bad news with fans Sunday. The announcement seems to go beyond SGU, and include the rest of the television franchise as well.

MGM, before its financial struggle and bankruptcy reorganization, had made two “SG-1” movies, and had promised an “Atlantis” one as well. But it seems all the movies have now been killed.

“Brad Wright fought long and hard, but financing has fallen through and we’ve hit a dead end,” actor Brian J. Smith told fans on Twitter. “Looks like the end of the road for Stargate.”

But Smith had some optimism.

“That’s not to say that Stargate could [not] re-emerge later on down the road in some form, but for the foreseeable future, this is it. Pretty crazy,” he said. “Very saddened by the news, but we’re insanely proud of our show and grateful for the fans who have been so kind to us. What a ride.”

“Too choked up to Tweet any more today,” said Peter Kelamis, who played Adam Brody in the series. “Thank you SGU fans. I love you guys, and I love this show. That’s all I got.”

“Most of us found out yesterday, and obviously we feel crushed all over again,” said Patrick Gilmore, who played Dr. Dale Volker. “Thank you for all the SGU support. History will be kind to SGU.”

“Stargate: Universe” was officially cancelled by Syfy in December, but Wright had held out hope that the series could first live on with another network, and later find its way to DVD movies. However, with MGM in the midst of a reorganization, the chances seemed unlikely.

The show currently airs new episodes Mondays on Syfy, with its final episodes of Season 2 and the series.

“I am incredibly proud of SGU,” Blue said. “And I’ll calmly discuss why with anyone who wants to challenge that in person.

“Life goes on. I love what I do and I can’t wait for the next adventure. And I’m honored and flattered by those who will come with me.”

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