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‘Doctor Who’ Writer: Matt Smith Is Old

Scribe talks about his thoughts on the latest incarnation

Matt Smith may be the oldest Time Lord in command of the Tardis but, according to writer Neil Gaiman, the actor is also the first to genuinely feel like a 900-year old alien being.

“I think Matt does something that nobody else has ever done in that his Doctor feels old,” Gaimen said, according to Digital Spy. “I love the fact that you [can] look at the press that came out when Matt took over the role and people were saying, ‘Matt’s going to be too young.’ Actually he plays [it so it’s] the first time you’re always aware that this is a 900-year-old Time Lord.”

Smith was 27 when he was confirmed to be taking on the role of BBC’s long-running science-fiction series and received a mixed critical response when he stepped into David Tennant’s old battered converse boots in the final scene of “The End Of Time.” To some, the actor was seen as too young or too “studenty” to play a character that is 900 years old.

However, the full run of the fifth season was mostly positive and early reviews of season six episodes all insist that Smith has stepped up in his performance of The Doctor.

“This is somebody who is really, really old and he’s been [travelling] for a long time,” Gaimen said. “He’s not thinking quite like we think and, yes, he’s alien, but more than that he’s old.”

One of the upcoming episodes will allow another side of The Doctor to be seen as he finally discovers who the mysterious River Song (Alex Kingston) actually is. Entitled “The Doctor’s Wife,” the episode is said to be an emotionally charged encounter which Gaimen said made him feel almost God-like for scribing.

The series returns with “The Impossible Astronaut,” the first in a two-part adventure that sends the team back to the 1960 for a very special mission … one that came all the way from the White House.

The marketing buzz for the new season is already in full swing, with the latest issue of “Doctor Who” Magazine offering four distinct covers each brandishing the phrase, “One of them WILL die in the amazing season opener!”

“Doctor Who” launches on April 23 on BBC 1 and BBC America.

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