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Final ‘Smallville’ Episodes Are About Superman

Forget the ever expanding list of cameo appearances, the final episodes are about Clark Kent

“Smallville” is entering its final countdown with only a handful of episodes left to go.

But before the series leaves the screen forever, fans can look forward to seeing the return of Martha and Jonathan Kent (Annette O’Toole and Jonathan Schnieder), Supergirl (Laura Vandervoort) Chloe (Allison Mack) and Gen. Zod (Callum Blue).

Despite all the familiar faces though, those final five episodes are totally and completely about Clark Kent (Tom Welling) and his transformation into Superman.

“Every one of the last five episodes kind of has its own place,” producer Brian Peterson told Entertainment Weekly. “We very purposefully planned. The first one back [is] kind of a thriller that is really heartwarming.”

In the episode, entitled “Kent,” Clark once again revisits the mirror-universe and comes face to face with Jonathan Kent. However, with Clark in the alternate reality his alter ego is loose in Metropolis.

Following on from the episode is “Booster,” a more light hearted affair that will introduce another comic book hero in the form of Booster Gold and the Blue Beetle. As previously reported, the Blue Beetle has already received positive screen tests and it has even been hinted that Booster Gold could be in the running for his own series once “Smallville” bows out.

According to DC-lore, the Blue Beetle scarab fuses itself to a host and imbues him with powers. Like all comic book franchises, the tale has been retold a few times, and “Smallville” would draw from the 2006 comic adaptation by introducing Jaime Reyes and Booster Gold into the series. Geoff Johns wrote the episode, who is perhaps best known for “The Legion” and “Absolute Justice” episodes that are among fan favorites.

Even with more DC characters making an appearance the main thing fans are eagerly awaiting is the return of Lex Luthor now that Michael Rosenbaum has been confirmed as returning to the series for the final episode. However, Peterson cautions that the final episode is not a Luthor-heavy episode and instead deals with the final chapter of Clark’s journey towards becoming a hero.

“Everybody that is in the finale plays a supporting role in Clark getting toward his ultimate moment,” he said. “Michael [Rosenbaum] is no different from the other characters in that, and he’s very important. But [the finale is really] about Clark.”

“Smallville” returns to The CW on April 15.

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