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Major Death Coming In ‘Doctor Who’?

Official magazine claims that one of the core-four could depart the series in the opening episode

When you have a cast of four, it’s easy to become worried when the show runner boldly announces that one of the core-four will die in the upcoming season.

And that is exactly what has happened with “Doctor Who,” only Steve Moffat hasn’t said that a character will die during the season; he’s revealed that the shock death will take place in the very first episode.

Entitled “The Impossible Astronaut,” the first in a two-part launch for the sixth season of BBC’s long running science-fiction series, the episode will see The Doctor (Matt Smith) and his team heading to the United States for a very special mission … one that came all the way from the White House.

The marketing buzz for the new season is already in full swing, with the latest issue of “Doctor Who” Magazine offering four distinct covers each brandishing the phrase, “One of them WILL die in the amazing season opener!”

“We’re not lying, we’re not cheating: one of those four people is going to die,” Moffat told the magazine. “When I came up with this heart-wrenching twist, I thought ‘We’ll kill off one of the leads in the season opener.’ It lures you in.”

Such a reveal has instantly triggered speculation over which of the group will face the executioner. Airlock Alpha’s Michael Hinman is of the belief that Rory (Arthur Darvill) is the one to go. However, other trains of thought tease that it could be The Doctor himself. In the trailer for the new season, scenes feature two different Doctors – the one we know and love and another, rougher looking, copy.

Coupled with the fact that Rory was killed last season and then resurrected for a happy ending, the theory has some merit behind it. River Song (Alex Kingston) is also considered out of the running due to the fact that viewers have already witnessed her death during the Russell T. Davies era.

And that just leaves Amy (Karen Gillan) …

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