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‘Fringe’ Producers Confident, Cast New Character

Does casting hint that ‘Fringe’ will be back for another year?

When a television series finds itself in the same position as “Fringe” it is normally time to start unloading characters or provide shock deaths. Not only do these help boost the ratings but when the likelihood of a renewal is grim these decisions also provide a level on closure that the series would otherwise go without.

Not “Fringe,” however.

Producers at J.J. Abrams’ bizarre science series are busy casting a new character for the series … one that will be a recurring role in the fourth season if Fox decide to back the series for another year. E! Online is reporting that the character will be for a new and inexperienced FBI agent named Emily who enter the agency in the final episode of the season.

Since returning for its third season, “Fringe” has seen a continuous erosion on the ratings. In its first episode the series snagged 5.83 million viewers and that figure has steadily dropped on a weekly basis. Its new timeslot on a Friday night hasn’t helped matters, with last week’s episode pulling in a meagre 3.64 million.

Fox has maintained that it continues to support the series regardless of the decline in viewership and news that producers are looking to add a new character that will stick around into the fourth season demonstrates a level of confidence that the series will be back.

There have been cases in the past where networks continue to produce a show with declining figures, especially if another season will push the series above the 100 episodes milestone and allow the studio to make more money in syndication rights.

No decision has been made on the future of “Fringe”.

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