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BBC: There Will Be No More ‘Outcasts’

British colonization drama will not return for a second season

This story may contain spoilers.

The writing may as well have been on the wall when BBC yanked “Outcasts” from its mid-week prime time schedules and relocating it in the late Sunday night slot, but now it is official: there will be no more from the science-fiction colony series.

Episode 1 and 2 of the series (which aired on consecutive nights) attracted an decent audience, with Episode 1 snagging 4.4 million and accounting for 17.9 percent of terrestrial television viewing. However, it was all downhill from there with Episode 2 dropping to 3.3 million viewers with the following weeks gradually eroding from 2.95 million.

Following the move to Sunday nights, “Outcasts” saw its viewership continue to decline with the average rating for the final 3 episodes sitting at approximately 1.47 million.

“No series two ‘Outcasts’ – we’re sorry,” the official Twitter feed for the show said. “Thanks so much for all your support over the past three months.”

Following the lives of a group of colonists on the planet Carpathia, “Outcasts” brought very human stories to an otherwise out-there concept. As the serial arc unfolded, the characters went up against a hostile alien host-force, a coup within the Carpathian leadership and semi-hostile meta-human workers. Its final episode concluded with another transport from Earth arrived ready to take control of the planet and one of the characters was hit with a mind-blowing revelation.

“To those asking – there are still some ideas about the “missing” series 2 floating about – you’ll be first to know,” series creator Ben Richards said.

According to Digital Spy, Richards has hinted that the second season would have dealt with the mystery of what happened on Earth and what happened to the rest of Humanity.

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