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Lex Is A Major Part Of The ‘Smallville’ Finale

Michael Rosenbaum has completed his work for CW’s Superman series

Lex will be back for the finale and “Smallville” fans are overjoyed.

However, news has slipped that actor Michael Rosenbaum has completed his work for the series and he was able to film all of his scenes in a single day, causing fans to worry that his return would be a minor event in the series finale.

Not so, says Rosenbaum.

The actor (who left the series at the end of the seventh season) insists that there is plenty of Lex in the episode and that his appearance will be a major one. During his one day on the set, Rosenbaum was entirely committed to the series and his involvement will be largely featured in the last episode of the show.

“We [filmed] a lot,” he told Zap2It. “I know people thought, ‘Oh, he only went up for one day’ [but] we did 19 hours.”

The plot of “Finale” have been kept tightly underwraps and no one is quite sure yet if Rosenbaum will be playing the real Lex Luthor (who was believed killed during season eight) or a cloned version of the villain like the ones that were popping up earlier this season. Given Lionel’s (John Glover) surprise redezvous with Lord Darkseid at the end of “Scion” it looks like the series may actually include a resurrection.

How will death change Lex? According to Rosenbaum, the finale will include scenes that reflect the journey of Lex Luthor rather than just the character as a villain.

“We did four different things,” he said. “Two nice scenes and then two other speciality things that I won’t tell you about. I’m a part of the finale and I think it’s important.”

“Smallville” returns on April 15.

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