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Anyone Can Die In ‘Torchwood’

Series will have a more American feel with ‘Miracle Day’

There has always been something American about “Torchwood.”

Sure, John Barrowman brings a touch of American class to the show but the overall scope, scale and style of storytelling demonstrated by the series always strives for the entertainment levels offered by American science-fiction. However, in the upcoming fourth season, the series may begin to feel more like an American series made for British television.

“Russell [T. Davies] and Julie Gardner remain in charge,” writer John Fay said. “[But] there are more American characters in it, so obviously it’ll probably feel more American.”

In the series, Capt. Jack (Barroman) and Gwen (Eve Myles) cross the pond in order to investigate a global miracle that takes place when the world is rendered immortal. There are no deaths and no births and it is left to Capt. Jack and Gwen to find out why.

The writing team for the series was made up of talent from the United Kingdom and America, meaning that both approaches to storytelling with be included. One such approach is Jack’s immortality thanks to the Bad Wolf – in most drama shows the thrill and excitement comes from the possibility that our heroes could die at any moment. But on a series like “Torchwood” where that simply cannot happen the writers need to rely on other areas to ramp up the tension.

And Fay warns that anyone can die in “Torchwood.”

“A universe in which fictional characters aren’t ‘allowed’ to die is ridiculous and limiting,” he argued. “When death is a reality in a drama, the jeopardy is greater [and] the stakes are greater. In Torchwood, anyone can die. That’s a good thing.”

BBC has not yet confirmed when “Torchwood: Miracle Day” will premiere on BBC One. Although Starz, the American premium cable channel that picked up the show, has yet to confirm when the series will air in the United States, the broadcast dates are expected to be relatively close thanks to the joint production deal between both channels.

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