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Vivian May Stick Around On ‘Chuck’

Character will also struggle with her family legacy

Fans of the NBC spy action-comedy “Chuck” may be pleased to learn that another vixen could be joining the cast for a multi-episode story arc.

Lauren Cohan’s character Vivian was recently revealed to be the daughter of Timothy Dalton’s evil Volkoff and series co-creator Chris Fedak has offered subtle clues that there is more to come with Vivian.

Fedak stated that Vivian will be “tempted by the dark side” in upcoming episodes. She is going to face similarities to Chuck’s own story of revelations about his parentage, but in a “bizarro, dark version.” He went to suggest that Vivian will struggle with what it means to be a Volkoff whilst also trying to distance herself from her family legacy.

According to Fedak, “She [Vivian] walks the line between being a Volkoff and being someone [better].”

Cohan has signed on for a five-episode arc on the series but the actress has already said that she thinks her character could stick around for a little longer.

“I know I’m on for about five episodes,” she told TVLine. “I’m off for a couple right now, and then I come back. I’ve heard rumors of some really cool revelations … but again, they’re not concrete rumors.”

Chuck airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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