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Return Of River Song Will Not Disappoint

‘Doctor Who’ three-year arc will unfold in season six

When River Song (Alex Kingston) first appeared in “Silence in the Library,” fans were left guessing on who exactly this mysterious woman is, or more importantly who she will one day become.

In the upcoming sixth season, fans will see the continuation of the character arc that was first started in the fourth season when Kingston again returns to reprise her role.

“What’s amazing about Steven [Moffat] is, he’s been plotting this [arc] since [River’s] very first episode,” star Matt Smith told BBC Radio 1. “It’s all connected. He’s had this sort of three-year plan and it’s all unfolding.”

When the series returns, The Doctor (Smith), Amy (Karen Gillan) and Rory (Arthur Darvill) will head to the United States for an adventure unlike any other. In the process, viewers will be treated to more clues on the identity of enigmatic voice that was heard last season … a voice that creepily declared, “Silence will fall.”

“I think The Silence is going to be the scariest ‘Who’ monster in a long time, definitely since the [Weeping] Angels,” he said. “Steven’s [Moffat] written a killer monster there.”

Unlike previous seasons, this year will see a more concrete arc running through the series, leading up to a mid-season finale at the end of episode 7. The series will then take a break in the summer months and return in the fall for the final 6 episodes.

“I think the Doctor and Amy are really faced with some quite cataclysmic choices,” Smith said. “Particularly at the end of episode seven.”

“Doctor Who” returns in the Spring.

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